Korean Web Drama “From Today Engine On” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)

“From Today Engine On” is a KakaoTV original web drama series that released on 29 June 2021 and is available to watch online on Kakao TV.

From today engine on web drama poster 2021


“From Today Engine On” web kdrama tells the story of a car lover and talented mechanic Cha Dae Hyun (Kim Min Seok). He knows a lot about cars and often gets excited while talking about it. He can identify a car just by seeing it’s mechanical parts.

However, Cha Dae Hyun is a shy man when it comes to love. He likes Noh Yu Hwa (Im Hyun Joo), manager of a car service. She has a bright and friendly personality. She is also very kind to others, but Yu Hwa has a broken heart.


Romance, Comedy, Melodrama, Mystery, Slice Of Life, Web drama


  • Kim Min Seok as Cha Dae Hyun
  • Lim Hyun Ju as No Yoo Hwa


  • Jung Young Joo
  • Kim Hong Pyo
  • Lee Yo Seob
  • Joo Hae Eun
  • Yoo Seung Mok
  • Shin Joo Hyup
  • Gunil


Korean drama “From Today Engine On” have a total of 4 episodes.


Im Hyun Joo from today engine on
Kim Min Kyu from today engine on
From today engine on web drama teddy scene
Web drama Kim Min Kyu and Im Hyun Joo
Im Hyun Joo and Kim Min Kyu kiss scene in web Drama from today engine on


  1. “From Today Engine On” is a part of KakaoTV’s new format “Four-part Emotional Drama”.
  2. Kim Min Suk previously starred in Korean drama “Love Struck In The City” (2020-2021).
  3. Im Hyun Ju previously appeared in Korean Web drama “Wish Woosh 2” (2019). This is the actress first drama as lead role.



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