Teaser: (Youth of May) Lee Do Hyun And Lee Sang Yi Tells The Sad Story Of Their Youth

Upcoming Korean drama “Youth Of May” has released yet another teaser trailer. It shows the main cast (Lee Do Hyun, Go Min Si, Lee Sang Yi and Geum Sae Rok in their respective characters.

The two male leads of the drama Lee Do Hyun and Lee Sang Yi talks about their hope of living a simple life and dreaming about their future in the most tragic ‘May’ of their lives. At the end of the trailer we see Go Min Si and Lee Do Hyun startled in the arms of each other.

youth of may trailer

Kdrama “Youth Of May” will tell the story of one part of the history of Korea which is set during the Gwangju Uprising in May 1980, through the youth of that time.

Hwang Hee Tae (Lee Do Hyun) is a bit naughty in personality. He is a medical student at the Seoul National University College of Medicine. He entered a top university so that he can break a stereotype that single mothers cannot raise their children well. Hwang Hee Tae also likes music and he often goes to music cafes.

Kim Myung Hee (Go Min Si) is an independent woman who has been working for three years away from home. She is a nurse with great skills at one of the hospital in Gwangju. Myung Hee is beautiful but as a result of her struggling life, she has become cold in nature.

Lee Soo Ryun (Geum Sae Rok) is the best friend of Kim Myung Hee. She comes from a rich family and is an aspiring law student.

Lee Soo Chan (Lee Sang Yi) is the older brother of Lee Soo Ryun. He has studied abroad in France and is now helping his father with the business.

Drama “Youth of May” comes from the director of dramas like “School 2017” and “Doctor Prisoner”. It will release on May 3, 2021, on KBS2.

Here is the teaser trailer~

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