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Overview: “Happiness” kdrama is a tvN original drama series that released on 5 November 2021. It will tell the story of the future when an infectious catastrophe is about to happen. “Happiness” stars Han Hyo Joo, Park Hyung Shik and Jo Woo Jin in the main cast. It is available to watch online on streaming platform WeTV* and Viki*.

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Korean drama “Happiness” story is set in the future when an infectious catastrophe is about to happen. A newly built high-rise apartment houses people from different backgrounds. However, later an infectious outbreak happens that the high-rise apartment gets sealed. The worst in the people of the apartment comes out as they struggle to survive. Han Tae Suk is the commander of the Armed Forces Medical Command. He searches for the cause and cure of the infection.

Meanwhile, detective Jung Yi Hyun is an honest personality. He has been in love with his high schoolmate Yoon Sae Bom for a long time. Yoon Sae Bom is a tactical agent in the Seoul Police Special Operations Unit. She is quick-witted and is about to move in her new apartment. A crisis bring Yoon Sae Bom and Jung Yi Hyun together.


Action, Thriller, Fantasy

Main Cast & Characters

  • Han Hyo Joo as Yoon Sae Bom
  • Park Hyung Sik as Jung Yi Hyun
  • Jo Woo Jin as Han Tae Seok

Supporting Cast

  • Lee Joon Hyuk as Kim Jung Kook
  • Park Joo Hee as Lee Ji Soo
  • Baek Hyun Jin as Oh Joo Hyeong
  • Lee Ji Ha as Ji Moon Hee
  • Park Hyung Soo as Kook Hae Sung
  • Han Da Sol as Bo Ram
  • Park Hee Von as Na Hyun Kyung
  • Moon Ye Won as Woo Sang Hee
  • Kim Young Woong as Ko Se Kyu
  • Na Chul as Na Soo Min
  • Cha Soon Bae as Sun Woo Chang
  • Lee Joo Seung as Andrew
  • Han Joon Woo as Kim Se Hun
  • Kang Han Saem as Kim Dong Hyun
  • Bae Hae Sun as Oh Yeon Ok
  • Seo Hyun Chul as Jung Yi Hyun’s father
  • Jeong Jae Eun as Jung Yi Hyun’s mother
  • Hong Soon Chang

Air Time & Schedule

New Episodes every Friday & Saturday at 10:50 PM KST.

Episodes & Ratings

“Happiness” Korean drama will have a total of 12 episodes.

Still Cuts

Jo Woo Jin and Han Hyo Jin kdrama happiness
Park Hyung Shik drama happiness
Park Hyung Shik in happiness
New 2021 thriller drama happiness
Han Hyo Joo and park Hyung Shik kdrama happiness
Jo Woo Jin happiness
Happiness kdrama park Hyung shik
Han Hyo Joo new drama happiness
Happiness Han Hyo joo

Notes & Facts

  • “Happiness” is the actor Park Hyung Sik’s first acting project since his discharge from the mandatory military service.
  • Park Hyung Shik earlier starred in Korean drama “Suits” (2018).
  • Han Hyo Joo earlier starred in Korean drama “W” (2016).
  • Jo Woo Jin earlier appeared in Korean drama “Mr. Sunshine” (2018).
  • Director: Ahn Gil Ho
  • ScriptWriter: Han Sang Woon

Where To Watch Online?

You can watch “Happiness” on WeTV here and Viki here.

OST List

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Trailers & Clips

Episodes 1, 2, 3,….., Highlights

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