Teaser: (The Devil Judge) Ji Sung’s Character Is A Judge As He Begins The People’s Court At Fictional Korea

The new tvN drama “The Devil Judge” has released a bunch of teasers and trailers depicting the drama’s cast and characters’ tremendous charisma.

Ji Sung, Kim Min Jung, Park Ji Young and Park Gyu Young are ready to fill your screens with a fictional drama. It incorporates politics, crime and law all set in dystopian Korea.

Dystopian Korea is a frightening place as everything here is in disorder and confusion. Here people are filled with anger against their leaders as their society is about to collapse.

Kang Yo Han (Ji Sung) is a judge. He becomes a ray of hope for the people due to his different style of holding trails. He turns the trial room open to the public just like a reality show. But Kang Yo Han way of punishing is inhumane, and he also has a secret.

The character teaser starts with a chaotic Korea as seen from the eye of Kang Yo Han (Ji Sung). He then puts on his unique judge attire and addresses the virtual as well as real audience by saying

“Citizens, the people’s court will now commence”

Ji Seung as Kang Yo Han in the devil judge

“The Devil Judge” comes from the writer of drama “Miss Hammurabi” and PD of dramas like “Children of Nobody” and “Splendid Politics”. It will release on 3 July 2021 on tvN.

Here is the teaser

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