Kim Min Jung’s Specious Personality Is Revealed In New Character Teaser Of The Devil Judge

“The Devil Judge” is an upcoming Korean drama starring Ji Sung, Kim Min Jung, Park Ji Young and Park Gyu Young in the main cast. As it is about to release soon the drama’s broadcasting network tvN has shared some posters, trailers and stills with its viewers. These reveal a lot about the series and makes it much more anticipating than ever.

One of its teaser shows the specious character of actress Kim Min Jung. She is portraying the character of Jung Sun Ah. In the teaser we see that Jung Sun Ah and Kang Yo Han (played by Ji Sung) have a quite close relationship. But it is particularly on the outside, inside they are enemies. Jung Sun Ah’s strong and specious personality is revealed as she replies

“It’s Fun”

to Yo Han’s

“Don’t Attack Me Again”

devil judge female lead

“The Devil Judge” Korean drama will tell a fictional story of dystopian Korea. Dystopian Korea is a frightening place as everything here is in disorder and confusion. Here people are filled with anger against their leaders as their society is about to collapse. Kang Yo Han is a judge. He becomes a ray of hope for the people due to his different style of holding trails. He turns the trial room open to the public just like a reality show. But Kang Yo Han way of punishing is inhumane, and he also has a secret.

Jung Sun Ah is Yo Han’s enemy. Her social circle is quite strong. It is full of politicians and business persons. Her social circle is the reason behind her strength. Jung Sun Ah can even control the country. As an executive director of a CSR (corporate social responsibility) foundation, Jung Sun Ah has gained the trust and respect of people. However, from the inside she is a different person.

Kdrama “The Devil Judge” will premiere on July 3, 2021.

Here is the teaser

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