Upcoming Drama “Our Police Course” Has Offers Out To Chae Soo Bin And Kang Daniel

Offers are out to both Chae Soo Bin (A Piece Of Your Mind) and singer Kang Daniel to star in upcoming Korean drama “Our Police Course”. Both of them are currently considering starring.

“Our Police Course” kdrama story will revolve around the life of students in the Korean National Police University, particularly who are born around the year 2000. It is actually the most conservative university in Korea, where students experience many ups and downs in their college life. Wi Seung Hyun and Go Eun Gang are one of the students there. They both gets involved with each other.

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Chae Soo Bin is likely to be considering for the role of Go Eun Gang, a student at Korean National Police University. Her life takes turn as she meets Wi Seung Hyun. Chae Soo Bin earlier starred in drama “A Piece Of Your Mind” alongside Jung Hae In.

Meanwhile, Wanna One’s Kang Daniel who was offered earlier than Chae Soo Bin is still considering the role of Wi Seung Hyun. He is an honors freshman in the campus. Seung Hyun’s father is his role model. He is the Commissioner of the Gyeonggi Dongbu Police Agency. If confirmed, “Our Police Course” will be Kang Daniel’s first acting project who has only appeared on reality shows besides singing.

The drama “Our Police Course” comes from the PD of dramas like “He is Psychometric” and “Hwayugi”. It is expected to release on an international streaming platform.

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