Kim So Hyun’s *First Kiss* Is By This Popular Korean Actor

Do you know actress Kim So Hyun had her first-ever kiss on screen?

The 23-old actress who started her career as a child in 2006 through a supporting role in a short drama “Ten Minute Minor”, Kim So Hyun has then gradually increased her appearances. And finally gained attention through her roles in Korean dramas “Moon Embracing The Sun” (2012) and “Missing You” (2013).

It was “Missing You” in which she had her first-ever kiss onscreen. And that actor is no other than Yeo Jin Goo. It was just a peck and an accidental kiss as written in the script. What’s even more interesting is that actor Yeo Jin Goo too had his first-ever kiss onscreen.

Kim So Hyun and Yeo Jin Goo from Korean drama “Missing You” (2013)

Actress Kim So Hyun also told a behind the scene story of the kiss and who gave her tips for her first kiss in an episode of SBS “Strong Heart”.

She explained, “Yeo Jin Goo put his lips out too far, so we had to film it again. Suddenly, he said it was hot and took his jacket off.” She further added, “He told me not to be so disappointed in the fact that I had a kiss scene with him, since I’m going to have a lot more of those when I get older and continue my acting career. However, I wasn’t disappointed or anything. I wasn’t thinking about anything.”

Kim So Hyun further stated that she got some tips from fellow child actress Kim Yoo Jung from “Moon Embracing The Sun”.

Kim Yoo Jung (L) and Kim So Hyun (R) from Korean drama “Moon Embracing The Sun” (2012)

She said, “Kim Yoo Jung told me that I don’t need to brush my teeth multiple times. She said to brush my teeth once and just have a candy.”

You can watch the kiss here on Viki official Facebook page.