“Dark Hole” (Mystery) Kdrama 2021 | Synopsis | Cast & more

Overview: “Dark Hole” is an OCN original drama series that released on 30 April 2021 and is available to watch online on Viki.


“Dark Hole” kdrama tells the story of a city whose people are turning into monsters after breathing a dark smoke. Lee Hwa Sun’s (Kim Ok Vin) husband was murdered. She is a detective. One day Hwa Sun gets a call from the murderer of her husband. She now moves to Muji City to find the murderer. But there she discovers that a mysterious dark smoke is causing people to turn into monsters. Lee Hwa Sun also meets a former detective Yoo Tae Han (Lee Joon Hyuk) who has been living in the city his whole life. Both join hands to save the people of Muji City.


Fantasy, Crime, Supernatural, Mystery


  • Kim Ok Bin as Lee Hwa Sun
  • Lee Joon Hyuk as Yoo Tae Han


  • Yoon Jung Hoon as Woo Sang
  • Park Keun Rok as Choi Seung Tae
  • Jang Sung Won as Lee Young Tae
  • Kim Do Hoon as Lee Jin Seok
  • Im Won Hee as Park Soon Il
  • Jeon Young Mi
  • Bae Jung Hwa as Han Ji Soo
  • Kim Byung Ki as Choi Kyeong Soo
  • Kim Han Jong as Nam Yeong Sik
  • Lee Ha Eun as Yoon Saet Byeol
  • Song Sang Eun as Kim Seon Nyeo
  • Lee Ye Bit as Jung Do Yoon


Korean drama “Dark Hole” will have a total of 12 episodes.


New 2021 zombie drama Dark hole
Dark hole police officer
Sad Lee Joon Hyuk


  1. “Dark Hole” drama will also release as a webtoon series. For the webtoon, the channel collaborated with NCSoft’s BuffToon.
  2. Kim Ok Bin previously starred in Korean drama “Arthdal Chronicles” (2019).
  3. Lee Joon Hyuk previously starred in Korean drama “Stranger 2” (2020).

*Drama is subject to regional availability.

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