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Overview: “The First Responders” Kdrama (also known as “The Police Station Next to Fire Station”) is an SBS original drama series that released on November 12, 2022. It will tell the story of employees at the police station and a fire station who work together to solve various cases. “The First Responders” stars Kim Rae Won, Son Ho Jun and Gong Seung Yeon in the main cast. It is available to watch online on streaming platform Disney+*.

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  • Genre
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  • Air Time & Schedule
  • Episodes & Ratings
  • Still Cuts
  • Notes & Facts
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“The First Responders” Korean drama tells the story of employees at the police station and a fire station who work together to solve various cases.

Jin Ho Gae (Kim Rae Won) is a detective who wants to win every case he takes. He is of cold attitude and is enthusiastic and talented in his work. He can even read a criminal’s mind.

Bong Do Jin (Son Ho Jun) is a fearless firefighter who is always first to reach the fire sites. He looks cold on the outside, but is actually warm to the victims. Song Seol (Gong Seung Yeon) is a kind and loving paramedic.


Action, Thriller

Main Cast & Characters

  • Kim Rae Won as Jin Ho Gae
  • Son Ho Jun as Bong Do Jin
  • Gong Seung Yeon as Song Seol

Supporting Cast

People at Taewon Police Station

  • Seo Hyun Chul as Baek Cham
  • Kang Ki Doong as Gong Myung Pil
  • Ji Woo as Bong An Na

People at Taewon Fire Station

  • Woo Mi Hwa as Dokko Soon
  • Jung Jin Woo as Cho Ki Soo
  • Lee Won Je as Han Dong Woo

People at Taewon General Hospital

  • Yang Jong Wook as Cha Jae Hee
  • Lee Hwa Jung as Han Soo Jin
  • Heo Ji Won as Kwak Kyung Joon


  • Son Ji Yoon as Yoon Hong
  • Jo Seung Yeon as Jin Cheol Joong
  • Lee Do Yub as Ma Tae Hwa
  • Jeon Kuk Hwan as Ma Joong Do
  • Seo Jae Kyu as Yeom Sang Goo
  • Jo Hee Bong as Yang Chi Young
  • Jung Wook Jin as Choi Seok Doo
  • Lee Jung Hun
  • Jung Sang Hoon
  • Moon Won Ju

Air Time & Schedule

New Episodes every Friday & Saturday at 10:00 PM KST.

Episodes & Ratings

Korean drama “The First Responders” will have a total of 12 episodes (for each season).

Still Cuts

Kim Rae Won police station next to Fire station
Son Hu Jun the first responders
Gong Seung Yeon
New 2022 Korean drama about fire station fireman Son Hu Jun
Son Ho Jun and Gong Seung Yeon

Notes & Facts

  • “The First Responders” will have a total of 2 seasons. The first season will air on November 12, while the second season will air in the second half of 2023. Each season will have 12 episodes.
  • Kim Rae Won earlier starred in Korean drama “L.U.C.A.: The Beginning” (2021).
  • Son Ho Jun earlier starred in Korean drama “Was It Love?” (2020).
  • Gong Seung Yeon earlier starred in Korean drama “Bulgasal: Immortal Souls” (2021).
  • On March 3, 2022, it was reported that PD Lee Him-chan, who was working as a producer for The First Responders, had died on January 30. Due to the incident, filming for the series was halted in February 2022, and it was resumed in May. ~ Wikipedia
  • Director: Shin Kyung Soo
  • Writer: Min Ji-Eun

Where To Watch Online?

You can watch “The First Responders” online on Disney+. (In Selected Regions)

Trailers & Clips

Episodes 1, 2, 3,……, Highlights

*Drama is subject to regional availability.