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Overview: “Adult Trainee” Kdrama  is a TVING original web series that released on 12 November, 2021. It will tell the struggle of 18 years olds during their physical growth. “Adult Trainee” stars Ryu Eui Hyun, Choi Min Yeon, Jo Yoo Jung, Kim Min Ki and Ryeoun in the main cast. It is available to watch online on streaming platform TVING*.

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“Adult Trainee” directed by Yoo Hak Chan and Jeong Hyeong Gun follows the three part series, Jaemin, Yura and Naeun. The drama tells the stories of teenagers who are growing up and their struggle with love. The drama is designed in hope that the generation Z can relate to the stories.

“Jaemin” will tell the story of Jaemin. “Yura” will tell the story of Yura. And “Naeun” will tell the story of Naeun.


Romance, Adult Comedy, Teen

Main Cast & Characters

  • Ryu Eui Hyun as Jae Min
  • Choi Mi Yeon as Bang Ye Kyeong
  • Jo Yoo Jung as Yoo Ra
  • Kim Minki as Kang Joon
  • Ryeoun as Namho
  • Kwon Young Eun as Na Eun

Supporting Cast

  • Sung Yoo Na as Jeong Ha Eun
  • Jang Sung Yoon as Hye Jin

Air Time & Schedule

New Episodes every Friday at 8:30 PM

Episodes & Ratings

“Adult Trainee” Korean drama will have a total of 7 episodes.

Still Cuts

New funny web drama 2021 adult trainee
Adult trainee web drama kiss scene

Notes & Facts

  • The drama divided into three part series.
  • The first part will start from November 12 called “Jaemin”. The second part “Yura” will release on November 19 and the third part called “Naeun” will release on November 26, 2021.
  • Ryeoun earlier appeared in Korean drama “18 Again” (2020).
  • Ryu Eui Hyun earlier appeared in Korean drama “A-Teen” (2018).
  • Jo Yoo Jung earlier appeared in Korean drama “Record Of Youth” (2020).
  • Kim Min Ki earlier appeared in Korean drama “True Beauty” (2020).
  • Mi Yeon earlier appeared in Korean web drama  “Delivery” (2021).
  • Famous Girl band G(I)-dle’s Miyeon is casted in the first part of the series.

Where To Watch Online?

You can watch “Adult Trainee” on  TVING.

TVING is a South Korean online streaming service operated by TVING Corporation, a joint venture of CJ E&M (CJ Group), Naver and JTBC. It is a platform that streams dramas, entertainment shows and exclusive television films. –Wikipedia

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