Bae In Hyuk Confirmed, Lee Se Young Considering to Star in “Park’s Contract Marriage Story”

A fun time-travel romance Korean drama has got its main lead. Bae In Hyuk (The Queen’s Umbrella) is confirmed to be the main lead for “Park’s Contract Marriage Story” which is a drama based on a webtoon.

Currently, Lee Se Young (The Law Cafe) is considering the female lead role for it.

“Park’s Contract Marriage Story” will tell the fantasy romance story of Joseon Era’s Park Yeon Woo who is newly married. However, she loses her husband on the first night. Later, when she wakes up after an accident, she finds herself in the modern world that is the 21st century. There, she somehow gets into a contract marriage with the celibate Kang Tae Ha.

According to the webtoon, the story goes like this:

Park Yeon-woo, a virtuous woman who suddenly lost her husband on the first night of her wedding.
To make matters worse, she was kidnapped by a gangster and thrown into a well, but she woke up in the 21st century Korea… ?!
To make matters worse, Seobangnim Panbak-i, who saved Yeon-woo, asks for a fake marriage!
Yeon-woo Park, a virtuous woman, and Tae-ha Kang, a celibate, get married.

You can read the webtoon on Naver here.

Bae In Hyuk is confirmed to play the role of celibate Kang Tae Ha while if confirmed, Lee Se Young will play the role of bold and virtuous Park Yeon Woo.

The Kdrama “Park’s Contract Marriage Story” will be released in the second half of 2023.