(Confirmed) Choi Si Won and Lee Da Hee for drama “Icy Cold Romance”

Choi Si Won (SF8) and Lee Da Hee (L.U.C.A.: The Beginning) are confirmed for a new romance drama which is set to release next month on ENA.

Both are confirmed to take the main roles in upcoming drama called “Icy Cold Romance” (also known as “Love that Will Freeze to Death”) which comes from the PD of dramas like “Rude Miss Young Ae”, “Drinking Solo”, “Let’s Eat” Seasons 2 and 3 and more.

“Icy Cold Romance” will tell the romance story of two close friends Goo Yeo Reum and Park Jae Hoon. Both have been close friends for 20 years, and currently they live in the same building.

Goo Yeo Reum is a Producing Director who is passionate towards her work. It is almost 10 years she is working in the field, but most of her projects have been cancelled. Now, for her next one which is about a reality dating show called “Kingdom of Love”, she gives all of her energy. She even asks her longtime friend Park Jae Hoon for help.

Park Jae Hoon works as a plastic surgeon on salary basis. He has no interest in his work. When he is asked from his friend Goo Yeo Reum to appear on a reality dating program, his life entirely changes.

The upcoming Korean drama of Lee Da Hee and Choi Si Won “Icy Cold Romance” is confirmed to air in October on ENA.