Everything To Know About Kdrama “The School Nurse Files” Starring Jung Yu Mi and Nam Joo Hyuk


Nam Joo Hyuk and Jung Yu Mi are coming together to fight some jelly like creatures in their new Netflix kdrama ‘The School Nurse Files’. Jung Yu Mi who has always wished to star in an action series has got an opportunity to perform her action pack role in a more fun way. The actress has returned to drama world almost after 2 years, while her co-star Nam Joo Hyuk after 18 months. Nam Joo Hyuk took the project as to satisfy his curiosity regarding jellies shown in the drama. But do you know everything about ‘The School Nurse Files’?

Let’s get to know about the drama one by one.

‘The School Nurse Files’ is a Netflix original Korean drama series featuring Nam Joo Hyuk and Jung Yu Mi in the main cast.

Other Names

School Nurse Ahn Eun Young, Nurse Records data, Health Teacher Ahn Eun Young, and more


‘The School Nurse Files’ will tell the story of Monglyeon high school’s health teacher Ahn Eun Young. She has a special ability to see supernatural jelly-like invisible creatures. Usually these creatures are harmless to humans, but once contaminated they can be dangerous. Ahn Eun Young must destroy these harmful creatures with the help of her rainbow sword and BB gun. She also teams up with Hong In Pyo, a Chinese teacher at school. He has a special aura which energizes the surrounding people.


Kdrama ‘The School Nurse Files’ turns out to be a comedy fantasy series.

Cast & Characters

Korean drama ‘The School Nurse Files’ has Jung Yu Mi and Nam Joo Hyuk in the main cast, while Lee Joo Young, Teo Yoo, Lee Sun Hyung, Choi Joon Young, Hyun Woo Seok, Kwon Young Chan, Park Se Jin, Song Hee Joon, Shim Dal Gi, Kim Mi Soo and more are in the supporting cast.

  • Jung Yu Mi will play the role of Ahn Eun Young. She is a school nurse who has some supernatural powers to see jelly-like creatures. She fights them with her rainbow sword and BB gun.
  • Nam Joo Hyuk will play the role of Hong In Pyo. He teaches classic Chinese characters in school. Hong In Pyo is also the grandson of the school’s founder. He energizes Ahn Eun Young with his unique aura.
  • Choi Joon Young will play the role of Kim Kang Sun. He is Ahn Eun Young’s middle school classmate.
  • Kim Mi Soo will play the role of Hwang Ga Young. He is Hong In Pyo’s elementary school classmate.
  • Lee Joo Young will play the role of Han Ah Reum. She is life science teacher in the school.
  • Teo Yoo will play the role of Mekenzie. He is an English teacher in the school.
  • Lee Sun Hyung, Kwon Young Chan and Hyun Woo Seok will play the role of students Min Woo, Lee Ji Hyung and Seung Kwon respectively.
  • Also Park Se Jin, Song Hee Joon and Shim Dal Gi will play the role of students Ready, Baek Hye Min and Heo Wan Soo respectively.

Cameo Appearances

  1. Jeon Gook Hwan, who will play the role of the school’s founder and Hong In Pyo’s grandfather, Hong Jin Beom.
  2. Moon So Ri, who will play the role of Ahn Eun Young’s friend Hwa Soo. She is also the director at acupuncture institute.

Releasing Date

The drama is releasing on Netflix on 25 September 2020.


It will have a total of 6 episodes. (45-57 min each)

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Nam Joo Hyuk as Chinese teacher the school nuse files kdrama
  • It is the first time Jung Yu Mi and Nam Joo Hyuk are starring in a Netflix original drama.
  • Actress Jung Yu Mi earlier starred in Korean drama ‘Live’ (2018) along with actors Lee Kwang Soo, Bae Sung Woo and Bae Jung Ok. It ended at an average rating of 5.798% Nationwide according to AGB Nielsen Korea.
  • Actor Nam Joo Hyuk earlier starred in Korean drama ‘Dazzling’ (2019) alongside actors Han Ji Min, Kim Hye Ja and Son Ho Jun. It ended at an average rating of 6.272% Nationwide according to AGB Neilsen Korea.
  • ‘The School Nurse Files’ is based on a 2015 award-winning novel called ‘School Nurse An Eun Young’ written by the South Korean sci-fi and fantasy writer, Chung Serang.
  • The readers of the novel wanted the actress Jung Yu Mi to play the main role of nurse Ahn Eun Young, which she did.
  • The director of the drama is Kyoung Mi. She has also directed Netflix series ‘Persona’ and the award-winning Korean movie ‘The Truth Beneath’ starring Son Ye Jin and Kim Joo Hyuk.
  • The appearance of the jellies shown in the drama were inspired from some popular Hollywood movies like ‘The Bob’, ‘Flubber’ and ‘The Stuff’ which also have similar creatures in them.
  • Some were even inspired from the game ‘Dragon Quest’ and the monster ‘Ooze’ from ‘Dungeons and Dragons’.
  • The voice of the jellies were created by modifying the real animal sounds and their colors were inspired from marine organisms and wild plants.
  • Writer Chung Serang got the inspiration from a snail to write about her novel ‘School Nurse Ahn Eun Young’. She thought just as snail leaves slime wherever it goes, human beings might do too. So she decided to write about a world where human beings leave behind jelly monsters.

Available Online

‘The School Nurse Files’ is available to watch online on Netflix.
Not yet available on Viki or others.

What To Expect?

Jung Yu Mi kdrama the School Nurse files

Nam Joo Hyuk and Jung Yu Mi who curiously jumped on to ‘The School Nurse Files’ drama project, described their character in more details in various interviews.

Nam Joo Hyuk explains his character like a ‘healer’. Hong In Pyo always re-energizes Ahn Eun Young. Nam Joo Hyuk further added that his character Hong In Pyo may look aloof on the outside, but he is actually full of curiosity.

Jung Yu Mi explains her character as a school nurse who always carries a BB gun and a plastic sword with the help of which she can defeat these jellies. Later on she tells that Ahn Eun Young is a character who accepts her destiny as it is and takes bold steps too meet it.

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