Korean drama “Find the 1st Prize” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)

Overview: Korean drama “Find The 1st Prize” is a part of tvN’s O’PENing original drama series that released on 17 June 2022. It will tell the story of a man who rushes out while quarantining at home, as he discovers that he won a lottery and today is the last day to claim the prize. “Find The 1st Prize” stars Kim Do Yoon and Ryu Hyun Kyun in the main cast. It is currently not available to watch online on any streaming platform.

Kdrama find the first prize

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“Find The 1st Prize” tells the story of Jeong Jae Hoon who applied for an aircraft pilot with the support of his wife Kang Mi Ran. But he received a notification of an indefinite delay in the final interview by the company. He is currently self-quarantining at home due to a positive COVID-19 test. During this time, he finds a lottery ticket he bought and discovers that he won the first prize of 2.3 billion won and today is the last day to claim the prize. How will he get the prize money when he is stuck at home?


Special, Drama

Main Cast & Characters

  • Kim Do Yoon as Jeong Jae Hoon
  • Ryu Hyun Kyung as Kang Mi Ran

Supporting Cast

  • Shin Dong Woo as Kim Hyun Woo
  • Lee Seo Hwan as Hwang Jang Gyu

Air Time & Schedule

New Episode on Friday

Episodes & Ratings

“Find The 1st Prize” Korean drama is a single episode drama.

Still Cuts

Notes & Facts

  • tvN’s O’PENing is the successor to tvN Drama Stage. It is an anthology series of one and two episode special dramas created by CJ E&M’s O’PEN Drama Storyteller Exhibition
  • Previous: XX+YY
  • Next: Don’t Announce Your Husband’s Death
  • Kim Do Yoon earlier appeared in Korean drama “Rose Mansion” (2022).
  • Ryu Hyun Kyun earlier appeared in Korean drama “Doctor Detective” (2019).
  • “Find The 1st Prize” is the fifth episode of fifth season of South Korean anthology series  “O’PENing”
  • Director: Park Hong Soo
  • Scriptwriter: Choi Si Eun

Where To Watch Online?

Currently “Find the 1st Prize” is not available to watch online on any streaming platform.

Trailers & Clips

*Drama is subject to regional availability.