Korean Drama “Red Shoes” (2021) Confirms Complete Cast

Upcoming Korean Drama “Red Shoes” (also called “Without Blood or Tears”) has confirmed its complete cast.

With Choi Myung Gil (On The Verge Of Insanity), So Yi Hyun (Fates & Furies), Park Yoon Jae (It’s My Life), Jung Yoo Min (Unasked Family) and Shin Jung Yoon (She Knows Everything) are confirmed in the main cast.

While Sun Woo Jae Duk, Ban Hyo Jung, Han In Soo, Yang Geum Suk, Kim Yoo Suk Choi Yeong Wan, Park Chan Hwan, Kim Ri Won, Lee Sook, Ha Eun Jin and Seo Kwon Soon all are confirmed for the supporting cast.

Red shoes drama script reading
Stills from “Red Shoes” first script reading

Kdrama “Red Shoes” will tell the story of a daughter who wants to take revenge from her heartless mother.

Min Hee Kyung (Choi Myung Gil) leaves her family for first love and her desire for success. She has a daughter named Kim Gemma (So Yi Hyun) and a sick son. Life gets tough and hard for Gemma after her mother leaves the house. It gets worse after her father dies unexpectedly. Gemma is convinced that someone murdered her father. Now all she wants is to take revenge from her mother and solve her father’s case.

She also meets Yoon Ki Seok (Park Yoon Jae) who gets attracted to her. Ever since Ki Seok’s wife cheated him, his trust from love was gone.

“Red Shoes” will be directed by the “Unasked Family” director. It will release on July 5, 2021, on KBS2.

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