Monthly House: New Stills And Trailers Gives A Glimpse Of Jung So Min And Kim Ji Suk’s Characters

Jung So Min And Kim Ji Suk starrer new Korean drama “Monthly House” has released some fresh new trailers and still cuts. They give a glimpse at the two main leads, unique and opposite characters.

Kim Ji Suk is playing the character of Yoo Ja Sung, a CEO and an expert in real estate. The new still cuts of “Monthly House” shows his two different sides. In one of the still he looks very cold and wealthy CEO, while the other depicts his cute side through a warm smile.

CEO Kim Ji Suk Monthly House drama 2021
Cold Kim Ji Suk Monthly House
Kim Ji Suk Monthly House cute

Jung So Min is playing the character of Na Young Won, an editor of a lifestyle magazine. In one still she is in her work attire as she smiles towards the viewers, while the other shows Na Young Won passionately busy with her work. While in the last still, Jung So Min’s character relaxes at her house.

Cute Jung So Min Monthly House
Na Young Won Monthly House
Jung So Min smile new drama 2021

Two new trailers of “Monthly House” are also out!

In the trailers both Jung So Min and Kim Ji Suk talk about their views on houses. It looks like these two don’t match each other on their opinions. Also, it looks like they are having a hard time with each other, until you see the two waking up in the same bed at the end of one trailer.

The drama “Monthly House” will tell a romance comedy story of two completely opposite individuals who have different opinions about houses.

Na Young Won (Jung So Min) is the lifestyle Magazine’s editor. She has been working for almost 10 years, and she loves her job. Na Young Won likes to decorate and bring emotions to the place she lives. According to her home is a place where a person can be herself after a long hard day. However, she still doesn’t have her own house and lives in rental houses. Until one day her house owner prompts her to do so.

Yoo Ja Sung is her new house owner, whom she doesn’t like. As according to Yoo Ja Sung house is a place to sleep and a thing to earn. He is actually an expert in investing in real estate. He is also the CEO of a lifestyle magazine. Yoo Ja Sung worked hard to become rich and pursue his passion of buying houses. In the end both finds themselves falling for each other and their opinions changing.

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“Monthly House” will be directed by the director of drama “Welcome To Waikiki” and writer of “Drinking Solo”. It will release on June 16, 2021, on JTBC.

Here are the trailers:

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