Offers Are Out To Hwang In Yeop & Jung Chae Yeon for “Prefabricated Family”

Hwang In Yeop (Why Her?) and Jung Chae Yeon (The Golden Spoon) may star together in the upcoming Korean drama “Prefabricated Family” (tentative title).

Currently, both the actor and actress are offered for the lead roles in the drama, and they are yet to confirm.

“Prefabricated Family” Korean drama will tell the story of romance, friendship, and family through three men. They have been friends since their teenage years. Over the time, each has helped each other in their difficult times and has almost become close like a family. They reunite after 10 years.

The drama is based on the hit 2020 Chinese drama “Go Ahead” which became popular among fans for its endearing kinship theme.

Nothing much about the further cast, releasing date and synopsis of the drama “Prefabricated Family” has been revealed yet.