Kdrama Review: Extraordinary You

What if one day you find out that the world you are living in is a fantasy world of a comic book? And above all, you are just an extra character in the comic book. Wouldn’t you want to become the main character of it?

“Extraordinary You” story revolves around Eun Dan Oh, a high school student who realizes that she is a character in the comic book. She is shocked to discover that her life is predetermined by the writer’s script, and she has no control over her fate. However, Dan Oh refuses to accept her predestined fate and sets out to change her destiny, with the help of a side character.

Let’s first get to know more about the story of “Extraordinary You” through its characters:

Eun Dan oh Extraordinary You

Eun Dan Oh played by Kim Hye Yoon is a high school student who comes from a wealthy family but has a heart disease. She is also engaged to her childhood crush, Baek Kyung. Soon, she becomes self-aware and discovers that she is an extra character in a comic book called “Secret”. Dan Oh also learns that her entire life was scripted, and she cannot change it. However, when she begins to see the flashes of the storyboard ahead, she decides to change it. Soon, Dan Oh gets helped by a nameless character in the comic book.

rowoon as haru extraordinary you

Haru played by Rowoon is the nameless character in the comic book “Secret”. He is also self-aware (realizing he is a comic book character) who wants to discover his true identity and his reason for keep getting attracted to Eun Dan Oh. Eun Dan Oh who was desperate to change her plot, one day unexpectedly gets helped by Haru for it. Believing that he can change her poor fate, she tries to find him. Soon, Eun Dan Oh and Haru become friends, and he agrees to help her.

Lee Jae Wook as Baek Kyung extraordinary you

Baek Kyung played by Lee Jae Wook is Eun Dan Oh’s long-time crush and also her fiancé. However, he doesn’t reciprocate her love. Baek Kyung is only engaged with her because of his father, who wants to set him up with Eun Dan Oh for business purposes. As a result, he is often rude to Eun Dan Oh and doesn’t care at all about her. He is not self-aware of his character.

Oh Nam Joo and Yeo Joo Da played by Kim Young Dae and Lee Na Eun are the main characters of the comic book. Their set-up is just like an old classic Korean drama “Boys Over Flowers”, where a rich high school boy falls in love with a poor girl.

Jung gun joo extraordinary you

Lee Do Hwa played by Jung Gun Joo is the supporting character of the comic book whose set-up is to fall in love with the main character, Yeo Joo Da. However, he also becomes self-aware and decides to change his scripted destiny just like Eun Dan Oh.

squid fairy chef extraordinary you

Jinmichae played by Lee Tae Ri is another extra-character in the comic book who is also self-aware of himself. He works in the school cafeteria. Jinmichae knows a lot about the comic world, and he often helps Eun Dan Oh, Lee Do Hwa and Haru with their questions related to the comic world. He tells them that they are kind of like on stage when the comic books’ scene plays and the rest is outside the stage, to which only the self-aware characters remembers.

extraordinary you art room scene

“Extraordinary You” was an absolute fantasy pleasure for me. Its new and unique concept (I really haven’t heard of this premise anywhere around the globe) was so refreshing for me to watch, especially when I was going through a drama slump. (a time when you have a hard time finding a good drama) And its heart-warming and sweet romance just won my heart.

beautiful scene
extraordinary you star in the window scene

The romance between Eun Dan Oh and Haru is the highlight of the drama. Their chemistry is undeniable, you can feel it right from their first interaction. However, their romance becomes poignant as they work together to break free from their scripted lives.

extraordinary you sad scene

They encounter a number of obstacles, including her heart disease, the comic book plot and the villainous Baek Kyung. The concept of comic world makes their love story deeply moving and evokes a sense of melancholy. At times, you’ll feel sympathetic towards them and want them to be together at all cost.

One of the most fascinating aspects of “Extraordinary You” is the concept of being a character in a comic book. The drama does an excellent job of exploring the idea of free will and the power of choice.

haru and Eun Dan oh library scene

We all have wondered at once in our life, “Is it Hard work or the Fate that guarantees our success?” You’ll literally feel this through Eun Dan-oh’s journey. You’ll wonder whether she’ll be able to change her destiny and be with Haru or the things will go according to the writer, and she will end up with Baek Kyung. This will encourage you to think about your own life and wonder whether our lives are predetermined or we have the power to change it.

The pacing of the drama is well-balanced, with each episode will leave you wanting more. It does get slow for one or two episodes, but it’s still worth it as the drama’s plot is intricate and layered, with plenty of twists and turns that will surely keep you engaged.

The soundtrack of “Extraordinary You” is also worth mentioning. It is beautiful and adds to the drama’s emotional impact. Each track made sense with the scenes of the drama. ‘High school Runaway’ by Park Sejun & WOO JI HUN portrays perfectly the cool characters of the comic world, while ‘Unfinished Story’ by Stray kids highlights the sad fate of Eun Dan Oh and Haru.

Truly the characters of the drama are cool and enigmatic, especially Eun Dan Oh, Haru and Baek Kyung.

Kim Hye yoon extraordinary you

Eun Dan Oh is spunky, rebellious, and her determination to break free from her scripted life is so inspiring to watch. She gives a strong female character vibe right from the start. You will instantly like her character and at some point relate to it as well. Her journey of self-discovery and her relationships with Haru, Baek Kyung, and her friends made for a compelling and emotionally resonant story.

angry rowoon

Haru’s character is kept mysterious during the first few episodes of the series. This really creates your interest in him. You’ll literally fall for his charming character. He sees Eun Dan Oh as the only girl in the world, however as the story progresses, you’ll find yourself sympathetic towards him.

villian jae wook
crying Kim Hye soon

Baek Kyung is kind of a villainous character in the webtoon, but his backstory and character development make him a complex and interesting character. He has a complicated relationship with Eun Dan Oh, and his interactions with her drive much of the drama’s plot.

You’ll actually hate him for the way he treats Eun Dan Oh, but I assure you that his character development is the best in the series. So good, that later in the series he will manage to confuse you with the male protagonist Haru.

fight scene extraordinary you

I must say that actress Kim Hye Yoon (portrayed Eun Dan Oh) and Lee Jae Wook (portrayed Baek Kyung) did an excellent job here.

————————–Spoiler Ahead————————

Another character that caught my attention was female lead of the comic book, Yeo Ju Da. Her character in the comic book is supposed to be a poor girl studying on scholarship in the prestigious high school where all the rich and wealthy students go. As she caught the attention of the popular boy in the school, Nam Joo, Yeo Ju Da often gets bullied by other girls.

April naeun extraordinary you

Later, Yeo Ju Da also becomes self-aware and that is when her character becomes interesting. Her self-aware character is strong and reliable. She takes revenge from bullies when she is not on the stage. (when comic book scenes plays) Yeo Ju Da literally becomes way cooler than her comic book version and I absolutely loved her character development. However I felt that she need more of it.

—————————Spoiler Ended————————

haru and Eun Dan oh kiss under the tree

I also liked the ending of Eun Dan Oh and Haru. Many people didn’t like the ending but, if you have understood the concept of the comic world well, you’ll realize that this was the best possible ending for both Eun Dan Oh and Haru. Other characters in the series also ended on a good note, and I was satisfied with it.

Overall, If you still have any doubt about the series, then let go off it without worries. Just jump to watch this outstanding one of a kind high-school fantasy romance masterpiece which brings every element to its table. Smart directing and witty script, a unique premise with heart-warming romance, charming characters, enchanting soundtrack and talented actors all contribute to making “Extraordinary You” a standout drama.

My Ratings: 9/ 10