Offers are out To SF9’s Rowoon & Jo Bo Ah for “This Romance is a Force Majeure”

SF9’s Rowoon (Tomorrow) and Jo Bo Ah (Military Prosecutor Doberman) could be the potential main cast of upcoming Korean drama “This Romance is a Force Majeure”.

Offers are out to Rowoon and Jo Bo Ah for the drama which comes from the “100 Days My Prince” writer and from the PD of dramas like “Kiss Sixth Sense”, “The Beauty Inside”, “Voice 3”, and “Tunnel”. Currently, both are reviewing to star.

“This Romance is a Force Majeure” will tell the story of civil servant Lee Hong Jo who has everything including beauty, personality, and a good job. However, she is still unattractive and unpopular among men. One day, Hong Jo gets a mysterious book. It has been sealed and forbidden for 300 years. A man named Jang Shin Yoo becomes a victim of that book. Jang Shin Yoo is a popular lawyer who gets a curse that is passed down to him from Joseon era.

If confirmed, Jo Bo Ah is likely to play the role of civil servant Lee Hong Jo, whereas Rowoon will play the role of popular lawyer Jang Shin Yoo.

The releasing date and further cast for the drama is yet to be disclosed.