Song Kang & Kim Yoo Jung New Drama From “Mr. Queen” Writer, Filming To Begin This April

The much anticipated Korean drama that casts the talented young actors Song Kang (Forecasting Love and Weather) and Kim Yoo Jung (Lovers of the Red Sky) in the main cast is all set to begin its filming this April.

The drama is called “My Demon” which will be penned by the “Mr. Queen” writer.

The upcoming Korean drama “My Demon” will tell the fantasy romance story between a heiress and a demon. Do Do Hee is a chaebol heiress to whom no one likes and everybody is her enemy. Jung Gu Won is a demon who loses his powers after saving Do Do Hee. As a result, now he has to live and work with Do Do Hee to get his powers back. However, they end up falling in love.

Song Kang will play the role of demon Jung Gu Won, while Kim Yoo Jung is confirmed to play the role of chaebol heiress Do Do Hee.

The drama filming will begin in the mid of April and last until October. However, the releasing date of Kdrama “My Demon” is yet to be disclosed.