Upcoming Romance Kdrama Starring Ji Chang Wook & Shin Hye Sun Will Begin Filming April 2023

So, we might soon get to see the two talented actors Shin Hye Sun (Mr. Queen) and Ji Chang Wook (If You Wish Upon Me) together in a romance Korean drama “Welcome to Samdalri”.

Earlier the two were in talks and now the drama is already in schedule to begin filming this April until December. However, the releasing date of the drama is yet to finalized.

“Welcome to Samdalri” will tell the healing romance story of a man who is like a dragon ascending to heaven. One day, he loses everything and tries to get back on track. Jo Eun Hye is a woman who looks soft from outside, but inside, she is strong. Jo Young Pil is Mado Meteorological Administration’s dunce.

Shin Hye Sun and Ji Chang Wook will play the role of Jo Eun Hye and Jo Young Pil. Meanwhile, young actress Kang Mina is also in talks to play the role of Jo Eun Hye’s younger sister and Shin Dong Mi that of an elder sister.

“Welcome to Samdalri” will be released on jTBC.