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Overview: “Witch’s Love” Kdrama is an MBN original drama series that released on July 25, 2018. It will tell the story of 3 modern day witches, where the youngest one needs to get her powers back by finding her true love. “Witch’s Love” stars Yoon So Hee, Hyun Woo, Hong Bin and more in the main cast. It is available to watch online on streaming platform Viki*.

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“Witch’s Love” Korean drama story revolves around 3 modern-day witches. The three witches keeps their powers hidden from the world. The youngest witch, Kang Cho Hong (Yoon So Hee) loses her power after she breaks her heart. Her boyfriend cheats on her. Now, the only way she can get her powers back is by finding her true love. Hwang Jae Wook lives near the house of Kang Cho Hong. He likes her and constantly try to get close to her.

Meanwhile, Ma Sung Tae the owner of the building where the three witches works wants to know the reason of a traumatic incident that happened to him in that building when he was a little boy. However, he didn’t make a good first impression with Kang Cho Hong. Still, he finds himself attracted to her. Now, who is Kang Cho Hong’s true love, Ma Sung Tae or Hwang Jae Wook? And will she be able to get her powers back?


Fantasy, Rom-com

Main Cast & Characters

  • Yoon So Hee as Kang Cho Hong
  • Hyun Woo as Ma Sung Tae
  • Hong Bin as Hwang Jae Wook
  • Kim Young Ok as Maeng Ye Soon (Kang Cho Hong’s aunt)
  • Go Soo Hee as Jo Aeng Doo (Kang Cho Hong’s aunt)

Supporting Cast

  • Choi Jae Sub as Kim Dong Soo (Sung Tae’s secretary)
  • Choi Tae Hwan as Choi Min Soo (Kang Cho Hong’s ex-boyfriend)
  • Nam Ki Won as young Ma Sung Tae

Guest Appearance

  • Song Hoon as elevator repairman
  • Jang Won Young as Mr. Yang (Ep. 1)
  • Jung Young Joo as Madame Song (Ep.2)
  • Yoon Jin Sol as Song Ha Kyung (Ep.3)
  • Yoo Hye In as Amy (Ep. 3)
  • Kim In Kyung as the Bully girl 2
  • Kim Chae Hyun as Witch’s mother
  • Lee Kan Hee as Ma Sung Tae’s mother
  • Gi So Yoo as Kang Cho Hong (Young)
  • Park Young Soo as TV show director (Ep. 3)
  • Ha Soo Ho
  • Seo Wang Seok
  • Hong Jung Min as Kang Cho Hong (Young)
  • Min Dae Shik
  • Park Jae Won
  • Ju Ah Yeon as Bank teller
  • Lee Do Yeop

Run Time

Each episode is 60 minutes (approx.)


Korean drama “Witch’s Love” have a total of 12 episodes.


Viki: 9.3/10

MyDramaList: 7.5/10

IMDb: 7/10

Still Cuts

Notes & Facts

  • Director: Park Chan Yool
  • Scriptwriter: Son Eun Hye

Where To Watch Online?

You can watch “Witch’s Love” online on Viki here.

Trailers & Clips

*Drama is subject to regional availability.