“Woman In A Veil” Kdrama 2023 | Cast | Synopsis | Preview & more

Overview: “Woman In A Veil” Kdrama (also known as “A Secret Woman ”) is a KBS2 original drama series that released on 14 March 2023. It will tell the story of a woman who suffers from locked-in syndrome because of her husband and his mistress who is also her best friend. “Woman In A Veil” stars Shin Go Eun, Choi Yoon Young, Lee Chae Young, Lee Sun Ho, Han Ki Woong and Lee Eun Hyung in the main cast. It is available to watch online on streaming platform Viki*.

Table of Contents

  • Synopsis
  • Genre
  • Cast
  • Air Time & Schedule
  • Episodes & Ratings
  • Still Cuts
  • Notes & Facts
  • Where To Watch Online?
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“Woman In A Veil” tells the story of Gyeo UI, who caught her husband cheating on her with her best friend, Joo Ae Ra. While seeking revenge, she loses her eyesight and is diagnosed with locked-in syndrome due to shock.
Oh Se Rin is an heiress who is conceited and cold-hearted woman. She looks down on others and does not think twice about getting revenge if someone betrays her. Gyeo UI gets involved with her and takes revenge with her help.


Romance, Thriller, Melodrama

Main Cast & Characters

  • Shin Go Eun as Jung Gyeol
  • Choi Yoon Young as Oh Se Rin
  • Lee Chae Young as Joo Ae Ra
  • Lee Sun Ho as Seo Tae Yang
  • Han Ki Woong as Nam Yoo Jin
  • Lee Eun Hyung as Jung Young Joon

Support Role

  • Lee Seul Ah as Oh Se Yeon
  • Im Hyuk as Nam Man Jung
  • Lee Jong Won as Nam Yeon Seok
  • Kim Ye Ryung as Cha Young Ran
  • Kim Hee Jung as Seo Jeong Hye
  • Lee Min Ji as Nam Yoo Ri
  • Choi Jae Sung as Jung Hyeon Tae
  • Bang Eun Hee as Yoon Gil Ja
  • Yoon Ji Sook as Yoon Mal Ja

Air Time & Schedule

New Episodes every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday at 07:50 PM KST.

Episodes & Ratings

“Woman In A Veil” Korean drama will have a total of 100 episodes. (Approximate)

Still Cuts

Notes & Facts

  • Shin Go Eun earlier appeared in Korean drama “Good Job” (2022).
  • Choi Yoon Young earlier appeared in Korean drama “The Uncanny Counter” (2020).
  • Lee Chae Young earlier starred in Korean drama “A Man In A Veil” (2020).
  • Lee Sun Ho earlier starred in Korean drama “Bad Love” (2019).
  • Han Ki Woong earlier starred in Korean drama “Second Husband” (2021).
  • Lee Eun Hyung earlier starred in Korean drama “Do You Want To Eat?” (2022).
  • “Woman in a Veil” takes over KBS2 time slot previously occupied by “Vengeance of the Bride.”
  • Director: Shin Chang Seok
  • Scriptwriter: Lee Jung Dae

Where To Watch Online?

You can watch “Woman In A Veil” on Viki here.

Trailers & Clips

Episodes 1, 2, 3,……., Highlights

*Drama is subject to regional availability.