6 Top Korean dramas You Don’t Know About And Need To See

So many Korean dramas win our heart as they come along. However, with time we tend to forget some. Here is again a weekly list of Kdrama recommendation from past dramas which were once at top during their time.

1. Beethoven Virus

Beethoven Virus kdrama

First ever Korean drama on musicians “Beethoven Virus” released on 12 November 2008. It stars Kim Myung Min, Lee Ji Ah and Jang Keun Suk in the main cast.

“Beethoven Virus” shows the life of musicians as well as a love triangle between three. Kang Gun Woo also known as Kang Mae is an international orchestra maestro. He is of tough and intimidating personality.
One day Kang Gun Woo comes across a violin player Du Ru Mi and falls for her. A genius trumpet player Kang Gun Woo also falls for Du Ru Mi.

Here is the drama cast and characters:-

Kim Myung Min as Kang Mae
Lee Ji Ah as Du Ru Mi
Jang Keun Suk as Kang Geon Woo
Kim Young Min as Jung Myung Hwan
Song Ok Suk as Jeong Hee Yeong
Lee Bong Kyu as Park Jin Man and more

2. King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu

Bread love and dreams kdrama

Also called “Bread, Love and Dreams” Korean drama series “King Of Baking, Kim Tak Gu” released on June 9, 2010. It stars Yoon Shi Yoon, Eugene, Joo Won and Lee Young Ah in the main cast.

“King Of Baking, Kim Tak Gu” tells the story of a boy Kim Tak Gu who is the son of a chairman and his mother is his father’s mistress. Due to jealousy from Tak Gu’s mother, his stepmother hides his mother away. Furious, at the age of 12 Tak Gu leaves his father’s house in search of his mother. Along the way he learns about baking and ultimately becomes passionate about it. He decides to become one of the best Baker, so he could take his father’s business over his step-brother. And the family feud over wealth and happiness continues.

Here is the drama cast and characters:-

Yoon Si Yoon as Kim Tak Goo
Joo Won as Gu Ma Joon
Lee Young Ah as Yang Mi Soon
Eugene as Shin Yu Kyung
Jeon Kwang Leol as Koo Il Joong
Jeon In Hwa as Seo In Suk and more

3. Girl Who Sees Smells

sees smell

Based on a webtoon series “Girl Who Sees Smell” released on April 1, 2015. It stars Park Yoo Chun, Shin Se Kyung, Namgoong Min and Yoon Jin Seo in the main cast.

“Girl Who Sees Smell” tells the story of a woman who see smells. A famous “Bar Code” murder case in Korea causes a man to lose his younger sister and his senses as well. While on the other side, a girl who survived the same murder case loses her memory. But soon after she discovers that she can see smell. Both a man who is also a detective now and woman decides to work together to solve crime cases.

Here is the drama cast and characters:-

Park Yoo Chun as Choi Moo Gak
Shin Se Kyung as Oh Cho Rim/ Choi Eun Seol
Namgoong Min as Kwon Jae Hee
Yoon Jin Seo as Yeom Mi
Lee Won Jong as Kang Hyeok
Song Jong Ho as Chun Baek Gyeong
Choi Tae Joon as Ye Sang Gil and more

4. Me Too, Flower!

Me too flower kdrama

Romance comedy Kdrama “Me Too, Flower!” released on 9 November 2011. It stars Lee Ji Ah and Yoon Shi Yoon as the main cast.

“Me Too, Flower!” tells the romance story of a police officer and a parking attendant. Seo Jae Hee is a rich man who owns a clothing company. He pretends to be poor and starts working as a parking attendant. One day during his part-time job he clashes with a contemptuous police officer Cha Bong Sun. However, over time they fall for each other and now Seo Jae Hee worries about his real identity to surface.

Here is the drama cast and characters:-

Lee Ji Ah as Cha Bong Sun
Yoon Si Yoon as Seo Jae Hee
Jo Min Gi as Park Tae Hwa
Han Go Eun as Park Hwa Young
Seo Hyo Rim as Kim Dal
Lee Gi Kwang as Jo Ma Roo
Lee Byung Joon as Team Leader Kim and more

5. Lucky Romance


Again based on a webtoon Korean drama “Lucky Romance” released on May 25, 2016. It has Hwang Jung Eum and Ryu Jun Yeol in the main cast.

“Lucky Romance” tells the romance story of two individuals with completely opposite beliefs of their own. Shim Bo Nui blindly trusts in superstitions and also in fortunetelling. Her life cross ways with Je Soo Ho, a man who believe things only if it has a logic or scientific proof. He is also the CEO of a game developer company. The two end up in a romantic relationship.

Here is the drama cast and characters:-

Hwang Jung Eum as Sim Bo Nui
Ryu Joon Yeol as Je Soo Ho
Lee Chung Ah as Han Seol Hee
Lee Soo Hyuk as Choi Gun Wook
Kim Ji Min as Sim Bo Ra
Kim Jong Goo as Goo Shin and more

6. Review Notebook of My Embarrassing Days


One of the KBS drama special “Review Notebook of My Embarrassing Days” stars Jeon So Min, Park Sung Hoon, Oh Dong Min and Song Ji In in the main cast.

“Review Notebook of My Embarrassing Days” tells the story of Do Hye who has a habit of writing a diary that features her embarrassing moments of life. During her job she is called upon to review the Maths exam along with other teachers. Unfortunately Na Pil Seung is one of the security officer in charge. She had an embarrassing moment with him during their college. On top of that her ex-husband is also there as one of the teacher.

Here is the drama cast and characters:-

Jeon So Min as Do Do Hye
Park Sung Hoon as Na Pil Seung
Oh Dong Min as Choi Jin Sang
Song Ji In as Teacher Oh
Seo Sang Won as Professor Bong and more

Do Comment! Which drama you picked next to watch?

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