8 Korean Dramas That Are Absolutely Fun To Watch Throughout

Another Kdrama recommendation list is here for your watching pleasure.

This time it is time for Korean dramas that create a fun environment to watch because of their entertaining plot concept. You would find the following Korean dramas pretty amusing to watch.

1. Personal Taste

Personal Taste kdrama

Based on a novel of the same name Kdrama “Personal Taste” released on March 31, 2010. It stars Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin In the main cast.

“Personal Taste” tells the story of a furniture designer Gae In Park who breaks up with her long time boyfriend Han Chang Ryeol. An architect, Jin Ho Jeon very handsome pretends to be a gay so that he could live with a woman. While Gae In Park who just broke her heart looks for a gay roommate and friend. Both start living together.

Here is the drama cast and characters :-

Son Ye Jin as Park Gae In
Lee Min Ho as Jeon Jin Ho
Kim Ji Suk as Han Chang Ryeol
Wang Ji Hye as Kim In Hee
Jo Eun Ji as Lee Young Sun
Kang Shin Il as Park Chul Han and more

2. You Drive Me Crazy!

You Drive Me Crazy kdrama

Released on 7 May 2018 “You Drive Me Crazy!” is a short drama series that stars Kim Seon Ho and Lee Yoo Young in the main cast.

“You Drive Me Crazy!” tells the romance story of two long time friends. Han Eun Sung is a French interpreter with poor drinking habits. Kim Rae Won is a talented yet unpopular painter. Both have been friends to each other for almost 8 years. But one day when Eun Sung comes to Rae Won’s place she gets drunk. Both end up sleeping together and their relationship changes.

Here is the drama cast and characters :-

Lee Yoo Young as Han Eun Sung
Kim Seon Ho as Kim Rae Won
Sung Joo as Yoon Hee Nam
Kwon Doh Woon as Moon Seo Jung
Ryu Hye Rin as Kang Ji In
Park Hyo Joo as Lee Hyun

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3. The K2

K2 kdrama

Ji Chang Wook and Im Yoon Ah starrer drama “The K2” released on 23, 2016.

“The K2” tells the story of a soldier. While on mission in Iraq he gets framed for the murder of his civilian girlfriend. So he runs away and after a while returns to South Korea. There he gets offered to work as a bodyguard. He accepts and decides to take his revenge.

Here is the drama cast and characters :-

Ji Chang Wook as Kim Je Ha
Yoona as Ko An Na
Song Yoon A as Choi Yoo Jin
Cho Seong Ha as Jang Se Joon
Lee Jung Jin as Choi Sung Won
Kim Kap Soo as Park Gwan Soo
Shin Dong Mi as Kim Dong Mi and more

4. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon kdrama

An old time classic “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” released on February 24, 2017. It stars Park Bo Young, Park Hyung Sik and Ji Soo in the main cast.

“Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” tells the story of a girl with superhuman strength, Do Bong Soon. She has a crush on a policeman and wishes to get a job soon. Due to her strength she starts working as a bodyguard of a rich CEO Min Hyuk. Meanwhile, there are kidnapping cases happening at Do Bong Soon district. Bong Soon decides to catch the kidnapper. Min Hyuk and Bong Soon starts to fall for each other.

Here is the drama cast and characters :-

Park Bo Young as Do Bong Soon
Park Hyung Sik as An Min Hyuk
Ji Soo as In Kook Doo
An Woo Yeon as Do Bong Ki
Seol In A as Jo Hee Ji
Shim Hye Jin as Hwang Jin Yi
Jun Suk Ho as Secretary Kong and more

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5. The Liar And His Lover

The Liar And His Lover kdrama

Based on a popular Japanese manga Korean drama “The Liar And His Lover” released on March 20, 2017. It stars Lee Hyun Woo and Park Soo Young in the main cast.

“The Liar And His Lover” tells the romance story between a music composer Kang Han Gyul and a singer Yoon So Rim. Kang Han Gyul hides his real identity from others. So Rim falls in love with Han Gyul after she meets him. She now starts a career in music and began to discover Han Gyul lies.

Here is the drama cast and characters :-

Lee Hyun Woo as Kang Han Gyul
Park Soo Young as Yoon So Rim
Lee Jung Jin as Choi Jin Hyuk
Lee Seo Won as Seo Chan Young
Hong Seo Young as Chae Yoo Na
Choi Min Soo as Kang In Woo
Sung Joo as Yoo Shi Hyun and more

6. My Secret Hotel

My Secret Hotel kdrama

Aired on 18 August 2014 Kdrama “My Secret Hotel” stars Yoo In Na, Jin Yi Han and Namgoong Min in the main cast.

“My Secret Hotel” tells the story of a wedding planner manager Nam Sang Hyo at the most elite hotel of Korea ‘The Secret Hotel’. One day Nam Sang Hyo faces her ex-husband as her client. She was married to Gu Hae Young only for 100 days. The Hotel’s directing manager Jo Sung Gyeom seems to like Sang Hyo. One day a murder takes place in the hotel which changes their lives.

Here is the drama cast and characters :-

Yoo In Na as Nam Sang Hyo
Jin Yi Han as Gu Hae Young
Namgoong Min as Jo Sung Gyeom
Lee Young Eun as Yeo Eun Joo
Uhm Soo Jung as Yang Hyung Hee
Kim Bo Mi as Heo Young Mi
Choi Tae Hwan as Jang Gi Chul and more

7. Madame Antoine: The Love Therapist

Madame Antoine The Love Therapist kdrama

Released on 27 November 2015 “Madame Antoine: The Love Therapist” stars Han Ye Seul, Sung Joon and Jeong Jinwoon in the main cast.

“Madame Antoine: The Love Therapist” tells a fun story of a fortune-teller Go Hye Rim who claims to have a spiritual connection with the spirit of famous French queen Marie Antoinette. But she is only faking it and often tells fortune with her excellent mind. One day a psychotherapist (mainly for women) Choi Soo Hyun moves to a place above Go Hye Rim’s café. He doesn’t believe in true love and decides to an experiment for it. In which he involves Go Hye Rim.

Here is the drama cast and characters :-

Han Ye Seul as Go Hye Rim
Sung Joon as Choi Soo Hyun
Jinwoon as Choi Seung Chan
Lee Joo Hyung as Won Ji Ho
Hwang Seung Un as Go Yoo Rim
Jang Mi Hee as Bae Mi Ran
Byun Hee Bong as Kim Moon Gon and more

8. Birth Of A Beauty

Birth Of A Beauty Kdrama

“Birth Of A Beauty” again is a drama starring actress Han Ye Seul along with Joo Sang Wook, Jung Gyu Woon and Wang Ji Hye in the main cast. It released on 1 November 2014.

“Birth Of A Beauty” tells the story of a married woman Geum Ran whose husband divorces her after having an affair. She is fat and was always badly treated by her in laws. One day she gets into an accident and her husband and in laws think that she is dead. She decides to take revenge on them and asks Han Tae Hee to transform her physical appearance. But later she develops feelings for her ex-husband again.

Here is the drama cast and characters :-

Joo Sang Wook as Han Tae Hee
Han Ye Seul as Sara
Jung Gyu Woon as Lee Gang Joon
Wang Ji Hye as Gyo Chae Yeon
Han Sang Jin as Han Min Hyeok
Ha Jae Suk as Sa Geum Ran
Han Jin Hee as Lee Jung Sik and more