[Confirmed] Joo Ji Hoon, Han Hyo Joo, Lee Moo Saeng And More For The Main Cast of Upcoming Sci-fi Drama

An upcoming Sci-fi Korean drama is in the works!

Joo Ji Hoon (Jirisan), Han Hyo Joo (Happiness), Lee Moo Saeng (Chimera), Lee Hee Joon and Park Ji Yeon (A Model Family) are confirmed in the main cast for “Dominant Specious”.

Korean drama “Dominant Specious” will tell a fictional story about a time in Korea where people have no meat in their diet and where all food is consumed in the form of a pill. BF is a biotechnology company that deals with genes and viruses to produce genetically engineered cultured meat in the market. Yoon Ja Yoo is the founder and CEO of this cell-cultivating company BF Group. But, people around Yoon Ja Yoo fear that she will take a wrong path.

Han Hyo Joo is confirmed to play the role of BF Group founder, Yoon Ja Yoo. Whereas, Joo Ji Hoon takes the role of Woo Chae Woon. He graduated from Naval Academy. After serving in the army he becomes a bodyguard at BF group.

Meanwhile, Lee Moo Saeng will play the role of a doctor at BF company, On San. He is also a founder member in the company. He is incharge of the culture medium technology. And Park Ji Yeon will portray the role of BF Group’s lawyer and planning department head, Jung Hae Deun.

Finally, Lee Hee Joon is confirmed to play the role of prime minister Sun Woo Jae.

The drama “Dominant Species” comes from the writer of dramas “Forest of Secrets” and “Grid”. It is expected to release sometimes in 2023.