[Confirmed] Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young for New Romance drama

Actor Lee Seung Gi (Mouse) and actress Lee Se Young (The Red Sleeve cuff) are confirmed for a new romance drama about law!

The upcoming KBS2’s drama is called “Love According to the Law”. It will be based on a hit web novel of the same name by Noh Seung Ah.

“Love According to the Law” will tell a law romance story between two people who used to be in the law field.

Kim Jung Ho (confirmed Lee Seung Gi) is a former prosecutor who is currently the landlord of a café. He has a charasmatic and pure personality who was once known as “Monster Genius”.

Meanwhile, Kim Yu Ri (confirmed Lee Se Young) who is Kim Jung Ho’s high school friend opens up her own café, without knowing the fact that Kim Jung Ho is the landlord. Earlier, she used to be an eccentric lawyer who couldn’t stand injustice.

Korean drama “Love According to the Law” will be directed by the PD of dramas like “Feel Good to Die”, “My Lawyer, Mr. Joe” and more.

The releasing date and more cast of “Love According to Law” is yet to be disclosed.

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