Kdrama “Voice” To Release Its Season 4 (Judgement Hour) This June

Fourth Season is in line for the thriller crime drama series “Voice”. This time “Voice 4” will cast Song Seung Heon and Lee Ha Na as the main leads. Earlier in season 2 and 3 Lee Jin Wook took the main role alongside Lee Ha Na, while in season 1 it was Jang Hyuk.

“Voice 4: Judgement Hour” will once again get the “Golden Time” team to catch a cruel murderer. This time they get a special help from Derek Jo. As the murderer is strong and has special ability to hear just like voice profiler Kang Kwon Joo. LAPD’s unit team also joins with “Golden Time” team to catch the murderer. Derek Jo is the team leader. He is very skillful and almost perfect. But he has a deep secret and his heart bears some emotional scars.

The Voice series storyline is based on a call center which receives the emergency calls from victims at the crime scene. And the Golden Time team fights against the criminals with the help of information collected from these calls.

The first season of Voice released in 2017 and got an average of 4.357% ratings according to AGB Nielsen Korea for a total of 16 episodes. The second and third season got 4.931% and 4.225% respectively for 12 episodes of Voice 2 and 16 of Voice 3. Meanwhile, Voice 4 is expected to have at least 14 episodes.

Actress Lee Han Na who earlier starred in Korean drama “A Piece Of Your Mind” (2020) will reprise her role of voice profiler Kang Kwon Joo.

Actor Song Seung Heon will take the role of Derek Jo. He earlier starred in Korean drama “Dinner Mate” (2020) alongside actress Seo Ji Hye from “Crash Landing On You”.

“Voice 4” comes from the PD of dramas “Tunnel” and “Cross”. It will release on June 18, 2021, on tvN.

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