Korean Drama “Revolutionary Sisters” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)

“Revolutionary Sisters” (or “Ok Light Sisters”, previously known as “A Happy Other’s House”) is a KBS drama series that released on 13 March 2021 and is available to watch online on Viki*, Kocowa* and KBS WORLD TV YouTube channel.

Revolutionary Sisters 2021


“Revolutionary Sisters” Korean Drama will tell the story of an old age man Lee Cheol Soo and his three daughters Lee Kwang Nam, Lee Kwang Sik and Lee Kwang Tae. At this age Lee Cheol Soo is about to divorce his wife. But she is murdered before that and him and his daughters are suspected for the murder. Lee Cheol Soo’s daughters never liked him as they think he always mistreated their mother.

Lee Kwang Nam (Hong Eun Hee), the oldest daughter is a bit egoistic in nature and she dislikes her father a lot.

Lee Kwang Sik (Jeon Hye Bin), the second oldest daughter is a public officer.

Lee Kwang Tae (Go Won Hee) is the youngest of all. She does karate and has a part-time job. The drama will focus on love and family relationships while trying to figure out the murderer.


Comedy, Romance, Thriller, Crime, Mystery


  • Yun Ju Sang as Lee Cheol Soo
  • Hong Eun Hee as Lee Kwang Nam
  • Jeon Hye Bin as Lee Kwang Sik
  • Go Won Hee as Lee Kwang Tae
  • Kim Kyung Nam as Han Ye Seul
  • Choi Dae Chul as Bae Byun Ho
  • Seol Jung Hwan as Heo Ki Jin


Kdrama “Revolutionary Sisters” will have a total of 100+ episodes. (Could be less or more)


Revolutionary Sisters drama 2021
revolutionary Sisters police station scene
Sad scene revolutionary Sisters
Hong Eun Hee Revolutionary Sisters
Go Won Hee Revolutionary Sisters drama 2021
Kim Kwang Nam Revolutionary Sisters drama 2021
Fathers friend Revolutionary Sisters drama 2021
Seol Jung Hwan Revolutionary Sisters
Revolutionary Sisters drama characters
Emotional scene Revolutionary Sisters kdrama 2021 main cast
Funny police station scene in Revolutionary sisters 2021 drama
Divorce scene Revolutionary Sisters 2021 funny thriller comedic romance drama


  1. Yun Ju Sang earlier starred in Korean drama “Hello, Me!” (2021) which is also currently airing.
  2. Hong Eun Hee earlier starred in Korean drama “Less Than Evil” (2018-2019).
  3. Jeon Hye Bin earlier starred in Korean drama “Leverage” (2019).
  4. Go Won Hee earlier starred in Korean drama “Eccentric! Chef Moon” (2020).
  5. Kim Kwang Nam earlier starred in Korean drama “The King: Eternal Monarch” (2020).
  6. Choi Dae Chul earlier appeared in Korean drama “Hello, Me!” (2021).
  7. Seol Jung Hwan earlier starred in Korean drama “Unasked Family” (2019-2020).



Episodes 1, 2, 3, …… Highlights

*Drama is subject to regional availability

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