“New Normal Zine” Korean Web drama 2022 | Cast | Synopsis | Preview & more

Overview: “New Normal Zine” Korean web drama (also known as “New Normal Gene”) is a TVING original drama series that released on 10 June 2022. It will tell the story of two women, living a completely different lifestyle and have opposite personalities who works together at ‘New Normal Zine’. “New Normal Zine” stars Jung Hye Sung, Hwang Seung Eon and Jang Eui Soo in the main cast. It is currently available to watch online on streaming platform TVING* and will be later on YouTube*.

Table of Contents

  • Synopsis
  • Genre
  • Cast
  • Air Time & Schedule
  • Episodes & Ratings
  • Still Cuts
  • Notes & Facts
  • Where To Watch Online?
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Korean drama “New Normal Zine” tells the story of a 30-year-old single woman Cha Ji Min who worked as a local news reporter for a current affairs magazine but that magazine shuts down. She currently works as an editor for a digital magazine named ‘New Normal Zine’.

Cha Ji Min pursues a slow living lifestyle, but her current boss Song Ro Ji is a workaholic and complete opposite of her. Now she tries hard to survive there. Moreover, it will depict their friendship, love and work life. What kind of friends these two women will become?


Office, Slice of Life, Romance

Main Cast & Characters

  • Jung Hye Sung as Cha Ji Min
  • Hwang Seung Eon as Song Ro Ji
  • Jang Eui Soo as Do Bo Hyun

Supporting Cast

  • Lee Won Jung as Jung Seok Jin
  • Kim Ah Hyun as Yoon Jae Yi
  • Gwon Hui Jun as Heo Min Kyu
  • Choi Yeon Kyu
  • Kelly Yubin

Air Time & Schedule

New Episodes every Friday at 4:00 P.M. KST.

Episodes & Ratings

“New Normal Zine” Korean drama will have a total of 12 episodes.

Still Cuts

Notes & Facts

  • Web drama “New Normal Zine” will also release on PLAYLIST YouTube channel starting from 17 June, 2022.
  • Jung Hye Sung earlier did a cameo appearance in Korean drama “Pachinko” (2022).
  • Hwang Seung Eon earlier appeared in Korean drama “Welcome to Wedding Hell” (2022).
  • Jang Eui Soo earlier did a cameo appearance in Korean drama “Rookie Cops” (2022).
  • Director: Choi Sun Mi
  • Scriptwriter: Choi Sun Mi

Where To Watch Online?

You can watch “New Normal Zine” on TVING and soon on YouTube.

Trailers & Clips

Episodes 1, 2, 3,……, Highlights

*Drama is subject to regional availability.