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Overview: “Pumpkin Time” Korean web drama (also known as “Peomkintaim”) is a KakaoTv original drama series that released on 17 December 2021. It will tell the story of two High school best friends Kang Tae Joo and Shin Hae Won who loves baseball. After returning from US Tae Joo is shocked to see the secret of his old friend Shin Hae Won.  “Pumpkin Time” stars Shin Hyun Seung, Lee Soo Min and Choi Yu Jin in the main cast. It is available to watch online on streaming platform WeTV*, Viki* and more.

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“Pumpkin Time” tells the story of two High school best friends, Kang Tae Joo and Shin Hae Won. Both the boys shares immense love for baseball and plays in the same team. Their friendship was inseparable, but when Tae Joo’s parents decided to move to US, he had no choice but leave his best friend behind. Ever since Tae Joo moved to US, he never lost hope to see his best friend again.

When he finally returned to South Korea, he immediately started looking for Hae Won, but then he finds out that Hae Won is now a high school girl. Will he be able to accept the fact that his male best friend turned into a female now? Will their friendship remain the same, or destiny has another plan for them?


Romance, Fantasy, school, drama

Main Cast & Characters

  • Shin Hyun Seung as Kang Tae Joo
  • Lee Soo Min as Shin Hae Yoon/ Shin Hae  Won
  • Choi Yu Jin as Han Soo Ji

Supporting Cast

  • Yeo One as Han Se Jun
  • Nam Kyu Hee as Shin Joo Hye
  • Seo Yi Seo as Bae Gi Woong

Air Time & Schedule

New Episodes every Friday and Saturday at 10:00 AM KST.

Episodes & Ratings

“Pumpkin Time” Korean drama will have a total of 10 episodes.

Still Cuts


Notes & Facts

  • Shin Hyun Seung earlier starred in Korean drama “So not Worth it” (2021).
  • Lee Soo Min earlier appeared in Korean drama “Work Later, Drink Now” (2021).
  • Choi Yu Ji earlier starred in Korean drama “Green Fever” (2017).
  • Choi Yu Ji and the member of Kpop girlband CLC and Kep1er.
  • The drama  “Pumpkin Time” is adopted from a webcomic of same name written by Gae Da Rae.

Where To Watch Online?

Trailers & Clips

*Drama is subject to regional availability.

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