Rowoon, Park Eun Bin, Nam Yoon Su & more are confirmed in the main cast of new historical drama

A new historical drama “The King’s Affection” (or “Yeonmo”) has confirmed its main cast. SF9’s Rowoon, Park Eun Bin, Nam Yoon Su, Bae Yoon Kyung and Choi Byung Chan all will be starring in the upcoming Korean drama.

The kdrama “The King’s Affection” story goes like this. The king is blessed with twins, one male and one female. One of them is Lee Hwi. She is soon abandoned as she is a girl. But fate takes turn and her brother dies. Now, she disguises herself as a male so that she can become crown prince in her brother’s place. While hiding her identity from the rest of the world, she gets attracted to her handsome teacher Jung Ji Woon.

The disguised crown prince will be played by actress Park Eun Bin. The character Lee Hwi is skiilled with literary and martial arts. Park Eun Bin earlier starred in Korean drama “Do you like Brahms?” which released last year.

SF9’s Rowoon will be playing the role of handsome teacher Jung Ji Woon. He is from sikangwon (a government office for the sole purpose of educating crown princes). Jung Ji Woon is optimistic in nature and wants to go on his path. Rowoon earlier starred in Korean drama “She Would Never Know” (2021).

The drama is based on a Korean comic ‘Yeonmo’. It comes from the director of drama “The Beauty Inside” and “Clean With Passion” writer.

“The King’s Affection” is expected to release sometimes in the second half of 2021.

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