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Overview: “Somebody” Kdrama (also known as “Bloody Finger”) is a Netflix original drama series that released on November 18, 2022. It will tell the story of a software developer whose dating app is being used by a serial killer to find his next target. “Somebody” Kim Young Kwang, Kang Hae Lim, Kim Yong Ji and Kim Soo Yeon in the main cast. It is available to watch online on streaming platform Netflix*.

Somebody new Netflix Korean drama

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“Somebody” Korean drama tells the story of a software developer whose dating app is being used by a serial killer to find his next target.

Kim Sum (Kang Hae Lim) is an introvert who has only two friends Yeong Gi Eun (Kim Soo Yeon) and Mok Won (Kim Yong Ji). Ki Eun is a detective. Sum develops a dating app, but, it is being used by a serial killer to track his next target. Sum’s friend Ki Eun takes this serial killing case.

Meanwhile, they encounter a mysterious and handsome man named Seong Yoon O (Kim Young Kwang). He is an Architectural designer.


Thriller, Crime, Mystery

Main Cast & Characters

  • Kim Young Kwang as Seong Yoon O
  • Kang Hae Lim as Kim Sum
  • Kim Yong Ji as Im Mok Won
  • Kim Soo Yeon as Yeong Gi Eun

Supporting Cast

  • Choi Yoo Ha as Samantha Jung
  • Shin Moon Sung as Professor Min Gi Ung
  • Song Yeon Ji as Rose
  • Chu Seon Woo as Jang Ha Na
  • Bae Gang Hee as Lee Ha I
  • Kim Joong Ki as Kim Eun Pyeong
  • Shim Yoon Bo as Oh Bul Gwang
  • Kang Ji Eun as Hong Gong Ju


  • Lee Ji Ha as Kim Sum’s mother] (Ep.4)
  • Park So Eul as young Kim Sum (Ep.4)
  • Lee Ki Chan as 79NewMoney (Ep.3)
  • Park Yoon Hee as TSC director (Ep.2)
  • Kim Sung Yong as Attorney Kim Seon Yong (Ep.4)
  • Won Chun Gyu as Merchants’ association chairman (Ep.3)
  • Kim Geum Soon as Merchants’ association member (Ep.3)
  • Seo Kwang Jae as Merchants’ association member (Ep.3)

Air Time & Schedule

All Episodes Released on Friday

Episodes & Ratings

Korean drama “Somebody” will have a total of 8 episodes.

Still Cuts

somebody 2
somebody 1

Notes & Facts

  • “Somebody” Korean series is adapted from the novel “American Psycho” by Brett Easton Ellis.
  • The series pre-released at Busan International Film Festival on October 6, 2022.
  • Kim Young Kwang earlier starred in Korean drama “Hello, Me!” (2021).
  • Kang Hae Lim earlier appeared in Korean drama “Live On” (2020).
  • Kim Yong Ji earlier appeared in Korean drama “Tale of the Nine-Tailed” (2020).
  • Director: Jung Ji Woo
  • Scriptwriter: Han Ji Wan

Where To Watch Online?

You can watch “Somebody” online on Netflix here.

Trailers & Clips

*Drama is subject to regional availability.