Teaser: (I’m Watching You) Kim Bo Ra introduces her new TVING’s Crime Factual Drama

Kim Bo Ra’s (SKY Castle) new drama “I’m Watching You” is coming soon on TVING.

“I’m Watching You” Korean drama is a crime factual drama in which the crime details are seen with more realistic approach. The drama will be shown in a CCTV format and the cases are solved from the evidences of CCTV footage. It will depict the way society sees a crime rather than from the side of victims.

The teaser trailer of “I’m watching You” released so far shows a series of crime scenes and their CCTV footage. At the end of the teaser, a short glimpse of Kim Bo Ra is shown. She narrates

The video captured on CCTV reveals the truth of the day.

Kim Bo ra

“I’m watching You” is scheduled to release in August 2021. Not many details about the drama are revealed. However, it’s unique plot concept and thrilling teasers raise a lot of curiosity.

Here is the teaser:

Are you excited for Kim Bo Ra’s upcoming drama?

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