9 Upcoming Kdramas highly likely to Release in August 2021

Another bunch of Korean dramas are coming in the month of August (2021). The following watch list include the dramas which are most likely to air in August 2021. These have many genres like fantasy, romance, thriller, revenge and even investigation.

Each drama in the list has its own charm and are sure to impress the fans. Also note as the August month is still going on, the following list is likely to include more Kdramas after any update.

Also, don’t forget to scroll down till the end to discover which Korean drama will be ending in August and which will be continuing.

Meanwhile, you can catch up to the 9 Upcoming Kdramas Highly Likely to Release in August 2021.

1. Lovers Of the Red Sky

Red sky August 2021 Korean dramas

“Red Sky” is a fantasy historical romance drama about a Joseon’s female painter Hong Chun Gi and her love Ha Ram. Hong Chun Gi is a genius female painter who entered the Korean Royal Academy Dohwaseo.

There she meets a Seowoongwan officer Ha Ram. He is in charge of astronomy, geography, art of divination, meteorology. Ha Ram is blind since his childhood. Still he can read stars and tell someone’s destiny. Despite Ha Ram’s blindness, Hong Chun Gi falls for him. And both end up in love as well.

Lovers Of the Red Sky” is likely to release on 30 August 2021.

Air Time And Days: Mondays & Tuesdays

Broadcast Network: SBS

Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Romance

Main Cast: Kim Yoo Jung, Ahn Hyo Seop, Gong Myung, Kwak Shi Yang

You Can Watch On: Viki

2. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

Kim Seon Ho and Shin Min Ah Seashore Village ChaChaCha drama 2021

“Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” Korean drama revolve around the romance story of Hong Doo Shik (Kim Seon Ho) and Yoon Hye Jin (Shin Min Ah). Hong Doo Shik popularly known as Mr. Hong in his town Gongjin gives a helping hand to every person. He himself is jobless but can actually do everything. From being handsome to a singer or clerk, Hong can do anything.

Yoon Hye Jin is a dentist who is also gorgeous. She is intelligent as well and has dreams of her own. But life takes a turn and fate brings her to Gongjin seashore village. There she decides to start her clinic and also meets Hong Doo Shik. Later on, they both cannot help falling in love with each other.

“Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” is likely to release on 28 August 2021.

September 2021 Korean dramas

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Air Time And Days: Saturdays & Sundays

Broadcast Network: tvN

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Melodrama

Main Cast: Shin Min Ah, Kim Seon Ho, Lee Sang Yi

You Can Watch On: Netflix

3. The Tragedy Of One

The tragedy of one August 2021 Korean dramas

“The Tragedy Of One” story surrounds around the dark secrets of the people at ‘Royal the Hill’, a place where top 1% of the society lives. Baek Soo Hyun is a highly trustable and skilled journalist. However, he is of cold personality who can go to any means to fulfill his desire.

His wife Seo Eun Soo is the daughter of the chairman of the Jegang Group. She is also a popular miniature artist. Seo Eun Soo can do anything to protect her family. Cha Seo Young is a successful announcer who has everything in life. Yet, she is always unsatisfied.

The Tragedy Of One” is likely to release on 4 August 2021.

Air Time And Days: Every Wednesday & Thursday at 10:30 p.m. KST

Broadcast Network: tvN

Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Crime, Investigation

Main Cast: Ji Jin Hee, Yoon Se Ah, Kim Hye Eun

You Can Watch On: ?

4. Police University

police university Krystal and Jung Jin young

“Police University” tells the story of teachers and students in a police university. Oh Kang Hee (Krystal) is a first year university student who has always dreamt of becoming a police officer. Kang Sun Ho (Jinyoung) is also a first year student at the police university. He is also a hacker. Sun Ho falls in love with Kang Hee. Yoo Dong Man (Cha Tae Hyun) is a teacher and a detective at the university. Teachers and students together try to investigate a mysterious case.

“Police University” is likely to release on 9 August 2021.

Air Time And Days: Every Monday & Tuesday at 09:30 p.m. KST

Broadcast Network: KBS2

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Youth

Main Cast: Cha Tae Hyun, Jin Young, Krystal Jung

You Can Watch On: Viki

5. Second Husband

Second husband kdrama August 2021

“Second Husband” will tell the tragic and sad revenge story of Bong Sun Hwa. She is in a long-term relationship with Moon Sang Hyuk. Bong Sun Hwa is strong despite having a struggling childhood. However, a cruel desire causes her family to ruin, and now she decides to take revenge.

Second Husband” is likely to release on 9 August 2021.

Air Time And Days: Monday to Friday at 7:15 p.m. KST

Broadcast Network: MBC

Genre: Revenge, Romance, Melodrama, Sitcom

Main Cast: Cha Seo Won, Uhm Hyun Kyung, Oh Seung Ah

You Can Watch On: Viki

6. Please Check The Event

Please Check The Event kdrama August 2021

“Please Check The Event” will tell the love story of two ex lovers who now pretend to be together. So that they can go to the couple’s trip they won somewhere.

Please Check The Event” is likely to release on 14 August 2021.

Air Time And Days: Wednesday & Thursday

Broadcast Network: MBC

Genre: Youth, Romance, Melodrama

Main Cast: Bang Min Ah, Kwon Hwa Woon, Ahn Woo Yeon

You Can Watch On: ?

7. I’m Watching You

Kim Bo Ra I'm Watching You drama August 2021

“I’m Watching You” Korean drama is a crime factual drama  in which the crime details are seen with more realistic approach. The drama will be shown in a CCTV format and the cases are solved from the evidences of CCTV footage. It will depict the way society sees a crime rather than from the side of victims.

I’m Watching You” is likely to release on 26 August 2021.

Air Time And Days: ?

Broadcast Network: TVING

Genre: Crime Factual

Main Cast: Kim Bo Ra

You Can Watch On: ?

8. D.P Dog Day

dp poster

“D.P Dog Day” Korean drama will tell the story of a D.P (Deserter Pursuit) team of soldiers. Their job is to catch the soldiers who go absent without taking official permission. Jun Ho is a military soldier who is of calm nature. Suddenly, one day he is transferred to the D.P team.

D.P Dog Day” is likely to release on 27 August 2021.

Air Time And Days: Friday at 8:30 p.m

Broadcast Network: Netflix

Genre: Crime, Action, Comedy

Main Cast: Jung Hae In, Koo Kyo Hwan, Son Seok Koo, Kim Sung Kyun

You Can Watch On: Netflix

9. You Raise Me Up

You raise me up August kdrama

“You Raise Me Up” will tell the story of 31-year-old man Do Yong Sik. He is preparing for the civil services exam and has gained a lot of weight. He has erectile dysfunction problem. To treat it, he goes to a urologist, but she is his first love, Le Ru Da.

However, Lee Ru Da is living a successful life, and she even has a boyfriend. Do Ji Hyeok is Ru Da’s boyfriend. He is rich and likes to show off. As a result, Lee Ru Da is bored by her relationship and thinks of her perfect first love, Do Yong Sik.

You Raise Me Up” is likely to release on 31 August 2021.

Air Time And Days: soon!

Broadcast Network: Wavve

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Main Cast: Yoon Shi Yoon, Ahn Hee Yeon, Park Ki Woong

List of Ongoing K-Dramas in 2021-08

List of Ending K-Dramas in 2021-08

August 2021 K-drama Calendar

S.noKdramaReleasing Date
1.The Tragedy of One4 August 2021
2.Police University9 August 2021
3.Second Husband9 August 2021
4.Please Check The Event14 August 2021
5.I’m Watching You26 August 2021
6.D.P. Dog Day27 August 2021
7.Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha28 August 2021
8.Red Sky30 August 2021
9.You Raise Me Up31 August 2021

So which kdrama are you excited to watch? Do Comment!

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