YoonA & Lee Jong Suk to play Married Couple in their Upcoming drama “Big Mouth”

2022! has added yet another star-studded drama, “Big Mouth” (a.k.a. “Big Mouse”).

Recently, Girls’ Generation YoonA and actor Lee Jong Suk are confirmed as the main leads for the drama. The two will star together as a married couple in the series.

“Big Mouth” will tell the story of a third rate lawyer, Park Chang Ho. His win percentage is only 10%, still he always talks great about himself. Also, when it comes to work he is often a failure. Due to this habit of Park Chang Ho, he is popularly known as ‘Big Mouth’.

One day his nickname ‘Big Mouth’ gets confused with the name of a genius conman, ‘Big Mouse’. As a result of it, Park Chang Ho gets associated with a murder case.

Now he is forced to go deep into the crime case and expose the bad deeds of powerful, greedy people in order to protect his family.

Park Chang Ho’s wife Go Mi Ho is a nurse. She loves her husband very much and is always ready to help to support him. Go Mi Ho helped Park Chang Ho to become a lawyer. Her father works as an office manager at Park Chang Ho’s office.

Although, he never gets paid on time. As soon as Go Mi Ho hears that her husband is being associated with a conman, she decides to clear his name herself.

Lee Jong Suk and Yoona big mouse drama
Lee Jong Suk (right) and Girls’ Generation Yoona (left)

Lee Jong Suk plays the role, unsuccessful lawyer Park Chang Ho. The star earlier starred in Korean drama “Romance is a Bonus Book” in 2019. Currently, “Big Mouth” is the actor’s first drama after he completed his mandatory military service.

Meanwhile, YoonA plays the role of Park Chang Ho’s wife, Go Mi Ho. The singer and actress earlier starred in Korean drama “Hush” in 2020.

“Big Mouth” will be helmed by the PD of hit dramas like “While You Were Sleeping,” “Hotel Del Luna,” and “Start-Up”. The writers of the 2019 series “Vagabond” will pen the upcoming series.

“Big Mouth” is slated to release sometimes in 2022 on MBC.

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