10 Interesting Facts You Absolutely Need To Know About Korean Drama “Start-Up”

Channel tvN’s current drama “Start-Up” is winning the hearts of many with its amazing script, directing and cast. However, it is even creating some conflicts between fans due to its highly likable two main leads. They have led some kind of fan wars as to who Seo Dal Mi (Bae Suzy) will choose in the end. But this only makes the drama even more engaging and viewers wait for each episode to see the progress of Seo Dal Mi’s heart for the two male leads (Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Seon Ho).

Besides being a highly engaging love triangle the show is based on an inspiring story of individuals who strive to start their own company. “Start-Up” manages to be both inspiring and a swoon worthy drama. The series thus maintains steady ratings for each episode in South Korea.

Do you want to know some interesting facts about “Start-Up” ? Here are 10 fun facts that you would absolutely love to know about “Start-Up”.

1. Star-Filled Child Actors

Child actors Start-up

Nam Joo Hyuk, Bae Suzy, Kim Seon Ho, Kang Han Na, Kim Hae Sook and more have made Start-Up already a star filled Korean drama. But do you know that its child actors are also some stars in the acting field. Hae Jung Eun who played the younger version of Bae Suzy’s character Seo Dal Mi has played the younger version for many actresses like Kim Ji Won, Kim Tae Ri, Nam Ji Hyun and more. Similarly, Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Seon Ho’s child version is played by yet other star child actors Kim Kang Hoon and Nam Da Reum.

2. Yeong Shil is the Voice of Yeo Jin Goo

Jang Yeong Shil which is an AI assistant speaker device actually has the voice of a famous Korean actor Yeo Jin Goo. Besides the cast Yeong Shil has also given us some funny scenes with Han Ji Pyeong (Kim Seon Ho) that we laughed out loud. The fact that Yeo Jin Goo gave his voice to Yeong Shil makes the device so cool.

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3. Director Oh Choong Hwan

Oh choong Hwan director

The Director of “Start Up” has never given the viewers a drama that will be disappointing. His detailing and execution has always been mesmerizing to the viewers whether it is supernatural romance drama ‘Hotel Del Luna’ or fantasy thriller like “While You Were Sleeping” and even the classic hit “My Love From Star”. PD Oh Choong Hwan has always given the best of the dramas.

4. Writer Park Hye Ryun

Dream high pinnochio drama writer

“Start Up” scriptwriter Park Hye Ryun is known for writing the scripts for many hit Korean dramas like Pinocchio, While You Were Sleeping, I Can Hear Your Voice, Dream High and more. In fact it rarely happens that her storyline fails to impress the viewers. Park Hye Ryun script is filled with comedy, romance and engaging plot lines with amusing twist. Her scripts are always wholesome interesting.

5. Second Work Together of Bae Suzy, Director Oh Choong Hwan and Writer Park Hye Ryun

While you were sleeping drama

It is not the first time that singer-actress Bae Suzy, Director Oh Choong Hwan and screenwriter Park Hye Ryun have come together for a drama. In fact all three earlier worked together in “While You Were Sleeping”. The drama told the romance story between a rookie prosecutor and an unemployed reporter. Both work together to solve crime cases which they were able to see before in their dreams.

6. “Start Up” Will Be Followed by “Mr. Queen”

Mr Queen will come after start-up

Kdrama “Start Up” final episode is likely to air on December 6, 2020. It airs on tvN and streaming platform Netflix as well, every Sat. & Sun. at 21:00. Time slot occupied by Start-Up will be followed by actress Shin Hye Sun and actor Kim Jung Hyun’s new drama together called “Mr. Queen”. It will tell the story of a Queen from Joseon period who holds the spirit of a man from today’s world.

7. Is Start-Up ‘Sandbox’ really in Korea?

Start-up sand box Korea

The drama shows how a company named “Sandbox” gives all the financial aid and mentorship to the new start-ups in South Korea. The country do have such programs but there doesn’t specifically exist a company named Sandbox. The filming location of Sandbox is actually the Robot Land in Incheon, Korea which is a theme park. And also the outside of it is shown by editing the view of Nodeul Island in Seoul.

8. Osts From Amazing Artist

Red velvet ost start up future

The storyline of Start-Up is very engaging and the beautiful Osts makes it a wonderful drama to watch. It is because its osts are sung by some amazing artists likes Red Velvet, Gaho, Davichi, 10cm and more. It includes songs like ‘Future’ by Red Velvet, ‘Day & Night’ by Jung Seung Hwan, ‘Running’ by Gaho, ‘Where is Dream’ by 10 cm, ‘My Love’ by Davichi, ‘Two Words’ by Red Velvet’s Wendy and more. And recently Bae Suzy has herself given her voice to the song ‘My Dear Love’ which is already doing good in charts.

9. Rising Singer Gaho

Singer Gaho Korea

‘Running’ which is a very inspiring song of “Start-Up” is sung by the rising singer Gaho. He is the same artist who sung ‘Start Over’ for the hit Korean drama “Itaewon Class”, which is also an amazing inspiring song. ‘Start Over’ even rose to number 1 on Gaon Digital Chart. The singer has given his inspiring voice to many hit dramas like “The Last Empress”, “The Time, My Secret Terrius” and now to “Start-Up”.

10. Cameo Appearances

Just like most tvN Korean dramas “Start Up” is also laced with many amazing cameo appearances. Here is the list of special appearances in kdrama “Start-Up”.

  1. Bae Hae Sun as Lee Hye Won in ep 8
  2. Lee Bo Young as a woman at pub in ep 10
  3. Moon Se Yoon as security guard in ep 7
  4. Heo Jung Eun as young Seo Dal Mi
  5. Nam Da Reum as young Han Ji Pyeong
  6. Kim Kang Hoon as young Nam Do San
  7. Lee Re as young Seo In Jae
  8. Park Chan Ho as Nam Do San’s favorite athlete in ep 8 and 12

So that’s it. “Start-Up” is one of the Korean drama in 2020 that you should not miss out. If you haven’t yet started “Start-Up” then you must do it now.
Or are you watching the drama? If so then do comment your opinion about the show below.

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