6 KBS Drama Specials that Released in 2020 Complete List

Each year series of episodes are released by KBS called KBS drama special. Every episode is unique with different director, scriptwriter and off course plot line.

We had a bit less dramas in 2020 as compared to KBS drama specials in 2019. You can get the link for 2019 list at the end of the post. Meanwhile, you can check the 2020 KBS drama special list. 😊

1. Modern Girl

Modern Girl drama special

It released on November 7, 2020, with a single episode.

Modern Girl” is a story of times when Korea was under Japanese occupation. It tells the story of poor noble family daughter Shin Deuk who married a rich pro Japanese man Jong Suk. However Jong Suk doesn’t like Shin Deuk. In order to impress her husband Shin Duek decides to attend school. There she falls for teacher Woo Jin.

Here are the drama cast and characters:-

Jin Ji Hee as Goo Shin Deuk

Kim Si Eun as Young Yi

Yun Ji On as Nam Woo Jin

Oh Seung Hoon as Jong Suk

2. Crevasse

Released on November 14, 2020, drama special “Crevasse” is of single episode.

Crevasse” tells the story of nutritionist Soo Min. Her life has everything one needs, a good job, and a good family. Her husband is Jin Woo, a good analyst and her son studies abroad. However, she feels like her family don’t care for her. In this distress she meets an old friend Sang Hyun.

Here are the drama cast and characters:-

Yoon Se Ah as Woo Soo Min

Ji Seung Hyun as Lim Sang Hyun

Kim Hyung Mook as Park Jin Woo

3. To My Assailant

It released on November 19, 2020, with single episode.

To My Assailant” tells the story of a contract employee Song Jin Woo. He has been working for 4 years as a teacher at Moohin Girls’ High School. Jin Woo is a talented teacher. One day a new teacher Yoo Sung Pil on contract joins the same school. Jin Woo recognizes him as one of his bullies during the school time.

Here are the drama cast and characters:-

Kim Dae Gun as Song Jin Woo

Moon Yoo Kang as Yoo Sung Pil

Woo Da Vi as Park Hee Jin

Lee Yeon as Lee Eun Seo

Han Sang Jin as a Math teacher

4. The Joys And Sorrows Of Work

Released on November 21, 2020, drama special “The Joys And Sorrows Of Work” is a single episode drama.

The Joys And Sorrows Of Work” tells the story of an office employee An Na. She works at the planning team of an app. But she is quite unhappy with her work environment and colleagues.

Here are the drama cast and characters:-

Go Won Hee as Kim An Na

Kang Mal Geum as Lee Ji Hye

Oh Min Suk as David / Park Dae Sik

Song Jin Woo as Andrew / Jung Hae In

5. Reason Not To Confess

The drama special “Reason Not To Confess” released on November 26, 2020, with a single episode.

Reason Not To Confess” tells the story of an introvert boy Ji Ho who falls for a girl in class. Due to his nature he could not confess to her. 7 years later Ji Ho sees her again at a photography class. He tries to escape from her.

Here are the drama cast and characters:-

Shin Hyun Soo as Kim Ji Hoo

Go Min Si as Seo Yoon Chan

Hwang Hee as Jung Eun Hyuk

Kang Seung Hyun as Choi Min

6. My Lilac

Released on November 28, 2020, KBS drama special “My Lilac” is of single episode.

My Lilac” tells the story of an impersonator and his daughter. Ra Jin Sung gives his voice to Ra Il Tak who is a trot singer. His daughter Ra Shin Hye does not like the deceptive style of acting and tries to stay away from it to find happiness.

Here are the drama cast and characters:-

Lee Han Wi as Ra Jin Sung

Lee Han Wi as Ra Il Tak

Jung Yoo Min as Ra Shin Hye

Sul Jung Hwan as Kang Yeon Woo

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