9 Things To Expect From “Hospital Playlist” Season 2 According To The Cast And Director

There are only few days left before the release of much awaited season 2 of “Hospital Playlist”.

The drama’s cast Jo Jung Suk, Jung Kyung Ho, Yoo Yeon Seok, Jeon Mi Do, and Kim Dae Myung and its director, producer and production team has given many insights about the story and script of “Hospital Playlist 2”. And according to their views, this season is expected to be more emotionally deep and relatable to the viewers.

“Hospital Playlist 1” told the struggle stories of doctors, patients and nurses. It is a heartfelt, slice of life kind of drama which revolved around 5 doctors. They attended the same medical school in 1999 and are good friends. All 5 now work together at the same hospital. The second season is likely to continue with the everyday life of these 5 friends.

So here are 9 things you can expect from the season 2 of “Hospital Playlist” according to the cast, director and production team.

1 More Warm And Heartfelt Script

In an interview held before the script reading, director Shin Won Ho of “Hospital Playlist 2” comments that the drama’s everyday simple yet special story that it told in season 1 will have even more warmth and depth in season 2.

2 Incredible Teamwork And Chemistry

Hospital Playlist’s production team also comments that just like in season 1 season 2 will also give viewers a great drama because “Hospital Playlist 2” has an incredible teamwork and chemistry as well. Their words read,

“It will be worth looking forward to the upgraded real chemistry of director Shin Won Ho, writer Lee Woo Jung, and the actors, who previously showcased amazing teamwork. As long as you have waited, we will give back with a great drama.”

3 Fun And Healing

Yoo Yeon Seok who plays the role of a kind-hearted and considerate pediatric surgery professor Ahn Jung Won asks viewers of “Hospital Playlist 2” to wait patiently for the cast. He tells that it will be a fun and healing drama for the fans while they stay at home. His words read,

“We hope our drama is a small source of fun and healing for everyone during this stay-at-home order.”

4 A Friendly Drama

Kim Dae Myung who plays the role of Yang Seok Hyung, a warmhearted obstetrics and gynecologist with an odd charm, asks the viewers of “Hospital Playlist 2” to be their friend while they watch this drama. His words read,

“I think I said this at the start of season 1, that we would all be sitting in a circle, so viewers should bring a chair and come be our friend. Since you’ve become our friend, and we’ve returned, please come play again. If you’re bored while staying at home, I think watching our drama from start to finish would be a good idea. Once you watch it all, we’ll soon be coming back.”

5 Hospital Playlist 2’s Characters Match That Of Season 1 200%

Jeon Mi Do plays the role of Chae Song Hwa who is an incredible neurosurgeon, tells that their characters in season 2 are 200% similar to the characters of season 1. Her words read,

“I think the characters all match us 200 percent more than in Season 1. I think that’s why we were able to film with more focus, but also while having more fun. Since I’ve already adjusted once, in Season 2, I believe I’ll be able to be more relaxed and show you Chae Song Hwa through better acting.”

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6 Better Than Season 1 And More Touching

Jung Kyung Ho even tells that Season 2 of “Hospital Playlist” will be better than Season 1. Jung Kyung Ho plays the role of cardiothoracic surgery professor Kim Jun Wan. His character is prickly on the outside but affectionate from inside. Jung Kyung Ho’s words read,

“I personally think the script is better than season 1, so I’m really excited myself. I also think viewers will be able to watch more comfortably than season 1 and be touched more.”

7 Comfort And Solace To The Viewers

Jo Jung Suk who plays the role of Ik Joon, the popular and energetic hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery professor tells the season 2 as comfort and solace to viewers. His words read,

“We’ll diligently prepare season 2 so that we can repay viewers with a drama that provides them with a bit of comfort and solace.”

8 The Three Keywords

Recently director Shin Won Ho described “Hospital Playlist 2” with three keywords Relatability, Emotions and Rhythm. To ‘Relatability’ he explains “Hospital Playlist 2” as a reminder to people of their everyday lives before the ongoing pandemic. He further says that he will be satisfied if people would say “Ah, we used to live like that” after watching the drama.

To ‘Emotions’ he explains that season 2 of “Hospital Playlist” will be even more emotional but the basic sentiments and atmosphere of the series will not be sacrificed.

To ‘Rhythm’ he explains that “Hospital Playlist 2” is not an overall new drama but deeper than season 1. And some of its episodes will even have reference from season 1.

9 A Special Drama About 5 Ordinary People’s Life

The first poster of “Hospital Playlist 2” is captioned as

“A new season, our special day-to-day lives begin.”

To this, the producer of “Hospital Playlist” explains,

“To signal the start of season two, we combined all the memories from season one like a scrapbook. Please look forward to the special yet average day-to-day lives of the five friends that we’ll showcase through season two.”

So are you looking forward for “Hospital Playlist 2”? Do comment about your excitement!

“Hospital Playlist 2” will premiere on June 17, 2021, at 9 p.m. KST on tvN and Netflix.

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