[Confirmed] Choi Hyun Wook, Nam Ji Hyun & more for Upcoming Korean Drama “Hi Cookie”

A new fantasy crime Korean drama is around the corner called “Hi Cookie”. And Choi Hyun Wook (Weak Hero Class 1), Nam Ji Hyun (Little Women) and Kim Moo Yeol (Trolley) are confirmed to be the main cast in it.

“Hi Cookie” will tell the story about a high school called Jeonghan High School which is the best private high school in Korea. Someone brings a mysterious cookie to the school. Whosoever takes one bite of the cookie can fulfill one of his dreams. The cookie soon becomes the reason for the school to sink in a swamp. People keep jumping into that swamp as they think it is a sweet oasis in the desert.

Actress Nam Ji Hyun is confirmed to play the role of Choi Soo Young who has dedicated her life taking care of her younger brother. At the age of 18, Choi Soo Young dropped out of high school to become the breadwinner of her family. She now works at a factory. When she gets to know that her younger brother is in the swamp, she jumps to save him.

Actor Choi Hyun Wook will play the role of a genius high school student who always comes first in his class.

Meanwhile, Actor Kim Moo Yeol will play the role of best college admissions consultant who works secretly. His students always pass the exams due to his methods, which include legal, expedient, or even illegal techniques to bring the best results. He comes to Jeonghan High School as a consultant for the entire third year.

The releasing date for “Hi Cookie” is yet to be confirmed.