(Confirmed) Kim Young Kwang and Lee Sung Kyung’s new romance drama to release on Disney+

So, Kim Young Kwang (Somebody) and Lee Sung Kyung (Sh**ting Stars) are finally confirmed to star together in the upcoming romance Korean drama “Tell Me It’s Love” (also called Say It’s Love).

“Tell Me It’s Love” will tell the story of Shim Woo Joo whose father becomes involved in infidelity. Her father’s mistress kicks her out of the house. Woo Joo then tries to take revenge from the mistress’ son Hang Dong Jin. Their relationship starts as revenge, but later they change as both become exhausted from it and start feeling sorry for each other so much that they both even cry. Soon they forget about the revenge and develops a profound bond as they help each other with their lives.

Kim Young Kwang is portraying the role of a lonely man, Han Dong Jin. He keeps himself busy with work so that he don’t feel lonely and hurt. However, his life changes after meeting Shim Woo Joo.

Lee Sung Kyung will play the role Shim Woo Joo who only wants revenge from Han Dong Jin. But, slowly she forgets about it as she now finds more about him which makes her emotional.

According to the reports, the two main leads and the director met an approximate 400 Asian reporters at the ‘Disney Contents Showcase 2022’.

Kim Young Kwang and Lee Sung Kyung Tell me it's love Disney plus 2022

During the showcase, Lee Sung Kyung said, “It is a work in which I feel the emotions that I feel the most in my heart among the works I have acted so far. The director also captured those aspects well. I hope the viewers will feel that way as well,” she said.

Kim Young Kwang added, “I think this drama is a small gift and comfort to you all. I hope you will receive a lot of comfort,” adding, “Please show a lot of interest.”

Director Lee Kwang Young, in charge of directing, explained, “It’s a work that permeates slowly, slowly, step by step.” “Rather than having a flashy episode, it’s a romance where each other sees into each other and realizes, ‘Ah, this must have been love.’”

Director Lee also praised the two lead actors as “romance masters” and asked for a lot of interest, saying, “You will be able to see a side of yourself that you have never seen before.”

Tell me it's love stills
Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Kwang new 2023 Korean drama Say it's love

Recently, the new stills of the series have also released, in which you can see the characters meet for the first time.

“Say It’s Love” will release on Disney Plus in the first half of 2023.