GOT7 Jinyoung Is A Ray Of Hope Between “The Devil Judge’s” Evil Characters, New Trailers Are Out

Imagine a world which is full of corruption, crime is at the peak and you can’t trust anyone. There is not a single ray of hope for goodness. The new tvN drama is as such. It represents a dystopian Korea where a judge does justice infront of entire Korea and mercilessly punishes them. Is he just in his ways or is he really a devil?

GOT7’s Jinyoung plays a character of a rookie judge Kim Ga On. He became an orphan in his childhood. Still he managed to become a judge by overcoming every difficulty in his life. Kim Ga On is the one who questions the devil judge, and is the only hope of the ruined Korea. Actress Park Gyu Young also plays another good character of detective Yoon Soo Hyun. She is Soo Hyun’s long time friend. Soo Hyun tries to find the devil judge’s secret.

The titular role of the devil judge Kang Yo Han is played by the actor Ji Seung. His biggest enemy is Jung Sun Ah which is played by the actress Kim Min Jung.

got7 Jinyoung dj

The new character teaser of “The Devil Judge” shows Kang Yo Han and Kang Go On in an argument. According to Kang Yo Han trials are games, while Kim Ga On thinks judges are the most powerful when they go by the law. Kang Yo Han further asks,

“Isn’t this the justice you all want?”

Kim Ga On firmly states, “No one can monopolize justice.”

Drama “The Devil Judge” will air on 3 July 2021 on tvN and Viki.

Here is the teaser

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