Netflix confirms Kim Woo Bin, Esom, Song Seung Heon & Kang You Seok for “Black Knight”

A star-studded Netflix Sci-Fi Korean drama is coming your way!

Kim Woo Bin (Our Blues), Esom (Taxi Driver), Song Seung Heon (Voice 4) & Kang You Seok (I Havet Done my Best yet) all are confirmed to star in the upcoming Netflix original Kdrama series called “Black Knight” (also called “Delivery Knight”).

“Black Knight” will revolve around an imaginative unpleasant Korea that exists in 2071. South Korea is unpleasant due to the pollution which is at its worst now. Only 1% of the human population is alive in 2071. It is so worst that people cannot even step out of their homes without a gas mask. As a result everything including food is delivered to people. And the delivery men are popularly known as knights as they deliver food in adverse situations and also protects them from theifs.

Sa Wol is a refugee boy who wishes to become a delivery knight. The famous delivery Knight 5-8 is his role model. Knight 5-8 is almost like a warrior of today who has excellent fighting skill.

Kim Woo Bin is confirmed to play the role of legendary delivery knight 5-8. While Kang You Seok will play the role of refugee boy Sa Wol.

Meanwhile Song Seung Heon is confirmed to portray a negative role of Ryu Seok. He is the only son of Chun Myung Group chairman Ryu Hae Jin. He goes against Knight 5-8 to prove himself.

Esom will be playing the role of Seol Ah. She is a major of the military intelligence and is the guardian of refugee boy Sa Wol.

The series is based on award winning webtoon “Taekbaegisa” by Lee Yoon Kyun which won an E-IP Pitching (Entertainment Intellectual Property Pitching) award at the 2018 Asian Contents & Film Market.

“Black Knight” is expected to release next year in 2023 on Netflix.