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Overview: “Ordinary Jae Hwa” drama special (also known as “Ordinary Goods”) is a KBS original special drama series that released on 17 December, 2021. It will tell the story of an unlucky woman Kim Jae Hwa who is committed to her life more than anyone else but still got no hopes. “Ordinary Jae Hwa” stars Kwak Sun Yong, Choi Dae Hoon and  Kim Na Yeon in the main cast. It is available to watch online on streaming platform Viki* and Kocowa*.

Table of Contents

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  • Genre
  • Cast
  • Episodes & Ratings
  • Still Cuts
  • Notes & Facts
  • Where To Watch Online?
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Kim Jae Hwa who is known as the icon of bad luck, has been told ‘an unlucky hussy’ since her birth. She worked harder in her life more than anyone else but the Goddess of luck always avoided her.

One day she’s struck with panic disorder and the doctor tells her about taking medicine. She felt resentful because she did nothing wrong to deserve this. She decides to pay back what she gets. Will there be a day when her life finally bloom like a flower?


Comedy, Slice of Life

Main Cast & Characters

  • Kwak Sun Yong as Kim Jae Hwa
  • Choi Dae Hoon as Choi Byung Mo
  • Kim Na Yeon as Ahn Hee Jung

Supporting Cast

  • Kang Ae Shim as Choi Kyung Mi
  • Choi Hong ll as Kim Joon Ho
  • Oh Dong Min as Ha Jung Woo
  • Oh Hye Won as Park Soo Jin

Episodes & Ratings

“Ordinary Jae Hwa” is a single episode drama special.

Still Cuts

Notes & Facts

  • “Ordinary Jae Hwa” is one of the 2021 KBS Drama special series. A total of 10 episodes are released each year. Each episode has a different story, cast and director.
  • Kwak Sun Yong earlier appeared in Korean drama “Hospital Playlist 2” (2021).
  • Choi Dae Hoon earlier appeared in Korean drama “You Raise Me Up” (2021).
  • Kim Na Yeon earlier starred in Korean drama “Moonlight Girl’s High School” (2018).
  • Director: Choi Yeon Soo
  • Screenwriter: Kim Sung Joon

Where To Watch Online?

You can watch “Ordinary Jae Hwa” on Viki here, and Kocowa here.

Trailers & Clips

*Drama is subject to regional availability.

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