Song Seung Heon Confirmed, while Oh Yeon Seo & Jang Gyu Ri Considering to Star in “Player 2”

“Player” is all set to release with a second season.

Song Seung Heon (Voice 4) is confirmed to reprise his role from “Player 1” which released in 2018, while Krystal won’t return for season 2.

So, the offers are out to Oh Yeon Seo (Café Minamdang) and Jang Gyu Ri (Cheer Up) to be the potential main cast of season 2. Currently, the actresses are positively considering to star.

“Player 1” told the story of four talented people including a con artist, a hacker, a fighter, and a driver who worked together to recover black money from the wealthy and corrupt people.

Song Seung Heon is likely to reprise his role of Kang Ha Ri also known as Choi Soo Hyuk who is a veteran conman.

If confirmed, Jang Gyu Ri will play the role of Jae Yi who is a skilled driver and has a strong personality. However, she has a soft heart. No details are disclosed about what role Oh Yeon Seo is offered.

The filming for “Player 2” will soon begin this year.