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Overview: “Cheer Up” Kdrama is an SBS original drama series that released on October 3, 2022. It will tell the story of campus romance centered around the cheering squad and Do Hae Yi. “Cheer Up” stars Han Ji Hyun, Bae In Hyuk, Kim Hyun Jin, Jang Gyu Ri, Lee Eun Saem, and Yang Dong Geun in the main cast. Currently, it is not available to watch online.

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“Cheer Up” Korean drama tells the story of campus romance centered around the cheering squad. Do Hae Yi (Han Ji Hyun) is a student of the theology department at Yeonhee University. She belongs to a poor family, so she focuses more on making money than studies. In order to do so, she joins the university’s cheering squad “Teyia” which has existed for almost 50 years at Yeonhee University.

There she starts enjoying campus life, meeting new people and falling in love. She meets Park Jung Woo (Bae In Hyuk), Jin Sun Ho (Kim Hyun Jin), Tae Cho Hee (Jang Gyu Ri), Joo Sun Ja (Lee Eun Saem ) and Bae Young Woong (Yang Dong Geun).

Park Jung Woo is the President of Yonhee University Cheerleading Club. And Tae Cho Hee is the Vice President.

Jin Sun Ho is a member of Yeonhee University Cheerleader Club and is a medical student at Yeonhee University College of Medicine. Joo Sun Ja is also a member of the Club and is a friend of Do Hae Yi.

Bae Young Woong is the Alumni of Yeonhee University and is a supporter of the Yeonhee University Cheerleader Club. He also supports the club financially.


Romance, Comedy, Mystery, Youth

Main Cast & Characters

  • Han Ji Hyun as Do Hae Yi
  • Bae In Hyuk as Park Jung Woo
  • Kim Hyun Jin as Jin Sun Ho
  • Jang Gyu Ri as Tae Cho Hee
  • Lee Eun Saem as Joo Sun Ja
  • Yang Dong Geun as Bae Young Woong

Supporting Cast

  • Jang Young Nam as Sung Chun Yang
  • Baek Ji Won as Hwang Jin Hee
  • Lee Min Jae as Do Jae Yi
  • Park Min Ha as Do Hae Yi (young Do Hae Yi)
  • Ryu Hyun Kyung as Shin Ji Young
  • Kim Shin Bi as Im Yong Il
  • Nam Joong Gyu as Soo Il
  • Eun Hae Sung as Jae Hyeok
  • Yoo Yi Joon as the director
  • Lee Jung Joon as Kyeong Chan
  • Byun Yoon Jeong as the mother of Do Hae Yi’s tutee
  • Lee Seung Min
  • Baek Ji Won as Hwang Jin Hee
  • Jang Young Nam as Seong Chun Yang

Air Time & Schedule

New Episodes every Monday & Tuesday at 10:00 PM KST.

Episodes & Ratings

Korean drama “Cheer Up” will have a total of 16 episodes.

Still Cuts

Jan Gyu Ri cheer up! 2022
Tae Cho Hee cheering costume
Han Ji Hyun cheer up costume
Han ji hyun as Do Hae yi selfie with cat
Han Ji Hyun and Bae In Hyuk Korean drama Cheer Up
Cute Romance campus 2022 scene drama
2022 College Romance
Cute scene Do Hae Yi and Park Jung Woo
Bae in Hyuk as Park Jung Woo Cheer Up
Kim Hyun Jin
Park Jung Woo Cheer up Cheering costume dress
Campus friends Korean drama new 2022
Cheer up Funny scene
Han Ji Hyun and Kim Hyun Jin cheer up drama
Cheer Up Do Hae Yi and Jin Sun Ho

Notes & Facts

  • “Cheer Up” takes over the SBS time slot previously occupied by “Woori The Virgin”.
  • Han Ji Hyun earlier appeared in Korean drama “The Penthouse 3” (2021).
  • Bae In Hyuk earlier starred in Korean drama “Why Her?” (2022).
  • Kim Hyun Jin earlier starred in Korean drama “Peng” (2021).
  • Jang Gyu Ri earlier appeared in Korean drama “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” (2020).
  • Lee Eun Saem earlier appeared in Korean drama “All of us are Dead” (2022).
  • Yang Dong Geun earlier appeared in Korean drama “Moving” (2022).
  • Director: Han Tae Seob
  • ScriptWriter: Cha Hae Won

Where To Watch Online?

Currently “Cheer Up” is not available to watch online.

Trailers & Clips

Episodes 1, 2, 3,……, Highlights

*Drama is subject to regional availability.