Upcoming Bae Suzy & Yang Se Jong Starrer Netflix Kdrama “Doona!” To Release In 2023

The filming for the much awaited Netflix Korean Drama “Doona!” (or “The Girl Next Door”) has finished and according to some reports, the drama is all set to release this year in 2023.

“Doona!” will tell the story of a female K-pop star who one day suddenly retires from being a K-pop idol.

Singer/ Actress Bae Suzy plays the role of a retired K-pop idol Lee Doo Na who has always been a more popular group member. She is also the main vocalist. However, she retires and starts living in a share house in a college town.

Actor Yang Se Jong portrays the role of Lee Won Jun who is an ordinary college student. He lives in the same house where Lee Do Na started living. At first, he couldn’t believe that a famous K-pop idol lives next door. However, he gets curious to know her mysterious life.

“Doona!” will release sometimes in the second half of 2023.