(You Are My Spring) Seo Hyun Jin, Kim Dong Wook, Yoon Park & Nam Gyu Ri Portray Their Characters

A new tvN healing romance drama with star-studded cast is coming soon. “You Are My Spring” stars Seo Hyun Jin, Kim Dong Wook, Yoon Park & Nam Gyu Ri in the main cast.

The official poster, stills and some trailers of “You Are My Spring” have already released. These give a lot of description about the main cast characters as they tell their healing romance story.

“You Are My Spring” will tell the romance story between a hotel concierge manager and a psychiatrist. The twist being both have traumatic childhoods, and they get involved in a murder case.

You Are My Spring Seo Hyun Jin

Actress Seo Hyun Jin is playing the role of the hotel concierge manager Kang Da Jung. During her childhood Kang Da Jung stayed at an inn in Gangneung for some time. After that stay, she fell in love with the inn, and she started working their as well. Kang Da Jung later gets involved in a murder case of her new apartment building “Gugu”. A psychiatrist Joo Young Do who lives their also gets involved in the case.

You Are My Spring Kim Dong Wook

The role Joo Young Do will be portrayed by actor Kim Dong Wook. Joo Young Do is a warm and intelligent psychiatrist who want to help people with suicidal thoughts to live again. He can easily guess the people’s feelings who are hurt. Although he counsels many patients with heartaches, Joo Young Do himself has never talked about his sorrows with anyone.


Actress Nam Gyu Ri is portraying the character of actress Ahn Ga Young. She was in a marriage for one year, later she got divorced. Her boyfriend’s betrayal has made her scared of love. Ahn Ga Young is someone who looks strong on the outside but is actually a pure and warm person inside.


Actor Yoon Park is portraying the role of Chae Joon. He is the CEO of an investment company. Chae Joon has feelings for Kang Da Jung, and he suddenly expresses them in front of her. He seems to know about Kang Da Jung a lot.

So these are the characters of “You Are My Spring”. It definitely looks like the drama will be thoroughly enjoyable and healing to watch. The mixing of two concepts romance and mystery will do magic to the series.

“You Are My Spring” comes from the PD of dramas like “Mr. Sunshine”, “Search: WWW”, and “The King: Eternal Monarch”. It is scheduled to air on July 5, 2021, on tvN and Netflix.

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