[Confirmed] Han So Hee and Park Hyung Sik for New romance drama

An exciting main cast is confirmed for a new musical romance Korean drama “Soundtrack #1” (working title). Singer actor Park Hyung Sik and actress Han So Hee are confirmed to star together in the upcoming drama.

“Soundtrack #1” will tell the story of two long-time friends who now have feelings for each other. Han Sun Woo and Lee Eun Soo have been close friends for 20 years. Somehow, they have to live for 2 weeks in the same house. Living together results into the two getting involved romantically with each other.

Park Hyung Sik, who is currently starring with Han Hyo Joo in an ongoing thriller drama “Happiness”, is confirmed to take the role of Han Sun Woo. He is a rookie photographer who is kind and warm in person even though he is quiet in nature.

Han So Hee who recently starred in two hit dramas “Nevertheless” and Netflix’s “My Name” is confirmed to take the role of Lee Eun Soo. She is a lyricist with honest and bright personality. The actress is also in talks to star with Park Seo Joon in an upcoming drama.

“Soundtrack #1” comes from the PD of some hit Korean dramas like “Vincenzo” and “The Crowned Clown”. The drama is scheduled to premiere sometimes in 2022.

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