[Confirmed] Ji Chang-wook and Sooyoung for an Emotional drama

JI Chang Wook and Girls’ Generation Sooyoung are confirmed to star together in an emotional drama called “Tell Me Your Wish”.

The drama is inspired by an actual organization in the Netherlands. The organization fulfills the wishes of terminal cancer patients.

“Tell me Your Wish” will tell emotional and touching stories of the patients at the hospice hospital and fulfilling of their last wishes.

Yoon Gyeo Re has lived a hard and struggling life. Earlier he lived in an orphanage, then in a youth detention center and finally in a prison. He is completely fed up from his life.

Then one day he is ordered by the community service to volunteer at the hospice hospital.

Actor Ji Chang is confirmed to play the role of Yoon Gyeo Re.

Singer-Actress Sooyoung is confirm to play the role of hospice hospital nurse, Seo Yeon Joo. She believes in living a healthy and active life. Seo Yeon Joo is a kind of nurse who always lifts the mood of her patients by giving them a good hope.

Actor Ji Chang earlier starred in Korean drama “Backstreet Rookie” alongside actress Kim Yoo Jung. Currently, the actor will also be starring in upcoming drama “The Sound of Magic” which is scheduled to release next year.

Singer-Actress Sooyoung earlier impressed the viewers by her role in “So I Married an Anti-Fan”. She is also likely to appear in upcoming drama “Somehow Country Diary”.

Along with them, veteran actor Sung Dong Il is also confirmed to take the role of hospice hospital volunteer chief, Kang Tae Shik.

Update: Ji Chang Wook Covered in Tattoos in the first look of his Upcoming drama “If You Wish Upon Me”

“Tell Me Your Wish” Korean drama comes from the PD of drama “The Cursed”. The series has already begun filming in September 2021, and it is likely to release in 2022.

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